COVID19 – When Will Life Resume?

I’d like to start by saying that the United States has the highest reported number of confirmed cases of the COVID19 virus. That fact is based on misinformation, but it’s still true. Despite what CORPULENT45 claims, few symptomatic people are being tested, because not enough tests are being made available. Truth is being suppressed. Yesterday, mango-Mussolini threatened Governors who are forthcoming with real numbers, warning that they will not receive federal assistance.

Last week there were 17,000 confirmed cases. Experts believe the real number was really between 60,000 and 245,000. Based on that math, the 81,332 confirmed cases reported this week might mean as many as 1.2 million people are infected. We aren’t testing people unless they’re at death’s door, (or rich and famous,) so we don’t know. We are being lied to. We have a government that wants coronavirus information to be kept “top secret.” This un-American behavior is the new America.

If you are like me, you want to know how long this planetary shut down will last? I want to know because I have shit to do.

One of my spawn was supposed to graduate from college in May. I only buried myself in debt to put her through school so that I could plan a vacation around her graduation. What a rip-off.

I need answers, so I scoured the internet for information that might shed light on whether her commencement will commence.

The information I found is from The Atlantic. I’ve attached a link to the article, but I’ll cut to the chase because I know no one likes to read. (But you’re doing it now.)

Experts predict we will be in isolation for 1-18 months. Haha- not kidding.

They say there are four possible scenarios.

1. The pipe dream prospect is one to two months:

In exchange for the inconvenience of mass death, the pandemic is fast and furious. If we ignore experts and succumb to Trump’s demand, resuming normal activities on Easter, there will be an explosion of illness that will overwhelm the already overwhelmed medical community, and the result will be the largest death count of all the scenarios. Everyone who survives will have been exposed, and as such, have built up an immunity. Life goes on, for some. This would be the scenario of choice for Trump because he cares about the stock market and his reelection more than he cares about people.

  • 2. Three to four months in purgatory:

  • I don’t really understand this one, but I think they’re saying that by then scientists will know enough about the virus to at least treat the symptoms, and enough of us will have been exposed that we can live a new masked and gloved normal, six feet away from anyone out in the world.

    3. Four to 12 months sequestered:

    We quasi recover over the summer because the coronavirus is found to be like the flu in that it takes a summer vacation, but it returns in the fall. I am not a scientist, (hard to believe, I know,) but when I look at the world map and see the red dots that reflect where the virus is, I see that it is everywhere, including warm climates. I can not understand how this possibility is a possibility.

    4. 12 TO 18 months +?

    Scientists develop a vaccine. Spring 2021 is the earliest experts say one might be available. Then the vaccine will need to be mass-produced and administered.

    It’s time for dessert, wouldn’t you say? I have some for you.

    The Senate Coronavirus Bill that just passed included $400 Million to go toward election security. It’s enough for every state to offer mail-in paper ballots. With election security, we might actually be able to vote ourselves out of this mess, restore the CDC and every other agency dismantled by this presdemic, and live happily ever after.


    Read in The Atlantic:

    Read in NPR:

    17 thoughts on “COVID19 – When Will Life Resume?

    1. I’m so depressed thinking that he’s going to get another 4 years and cause millions of us to die needlessly. Maybe the blue state governors can help their people somewhat independently.

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    2. I’ve been following the coronavirus news since before it got its catchy COVID19 name. I hugged my son goodbye in New Zealand on 30 January (we had vacationed together there) as he headed to his home in China. Our state department finally got off the stick and issued a warning about travel to China while he was in the air. I have suffered a lot of concern and angst, even spent time talking to my local congresswoman about how to get him home if necessary. But recently I have come to the conclusion that he was safer there than he would have been here . That is a sad state of affairs.

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