Coronavirus in the U.S.

Don’t let anyone tell you the coronavirus is like the flu; the mortality rate is ten times higher.

Today’s global coronavirus numbers:

  • 113,851 cases
  • 4,015 deaths

Italy is closed; no one is leaving or entering. The entire country is closed. They report the second-largest outbreak, only outdone by China.

China and South Korea have seen a decline in new cases. Why?

It might be because South Korea is testing people; they’ve tested more than 160,000 for the virus. They test 10,000 people every day.

The US has tested a total of 1583 people. No testing means no confirmed cases, which means Trump can continue to claim the US has fewer than 600 confirmed illnesses.

Six Republican members of congress are self quarantined: Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Doug Collins, Paul Gosar, Julia Brownley, and Mark Meadows all spent time at the CPAC convention with a person confirmed to have the coronavirus. Pence and Trump have also been exposed, but won’t discuss it. Trump continues to hold rallies.

Trump’s habit of lying, despite indisputable evidence, is no different in the case of this pandemic. He continues to push a false narrative regarding the number of cases in the US, and the mortality rate of those inflicted.

Trump is withholding tests. Even healthcare workers who exhibit symptoms are not tested. He doesn’t want real numbers reported. If no one is tested then no one has the virus, and he looks more competent than he is, despite having gutted the Center for Disease Control when he took office.

Back in February, the World Health Organization had coronavirus test kits available for the United States, but Trump rejected those tests. He said the coronavirus was a “hoax”— for a month, while the virus spread.

There is information that in 2016 Trump owned stock in a Chinese company, Thermo Fisher Scientific. Whether or not Trump sold his shares remains undisclosed, along with his other financial documents, including his tax returns. The CEO of Thermo Fisher Scientific was a special guest at a state dinner for Trump in China in 2017. Now the CDC manufactures its own test for the coronavirus, using components that can be traced back to Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Trump waited a month before he permitted testing. Was it because he wanted to give a company that he has shares in time to develop a test so he’d profit or was it to keep the number of confirmed U.S. cases artificially low so the stock market wouldn’t crash and he wouldn’t look like an incompetent fool.

I believe the answer to both is yes. Would that shock anyone?

Trump didn’t want to use tests unless he could profit. So, despite the availability of tests offered by the World Health Organization, Trump waited for the gutted Center for Disease Control to develop its own test.

This is another case of Trump’s obstruction, but this obstruction is killing people. Will you vote in November?

My daughter sent me this post that has apparently gone viral. I’ve missed a few things since quitting Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus in the U.S.

  1. I won’t vote Republican again in my lifetime; they are all tainted with supporting him. Eventually, they all cave to his bullying.

    I believe that tens of thousands of people in the US are infected with CV and we don’t know because of the lack of testing. Some younger, healthier people will simply recover without fuss. Others won’t. In the meantime, it spreads. I’ve canceled a pleasure trip to Vegas. Some friends think I’m overreacting. Whatever.

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