My House, is a Very Very Very… um… House

So many subjects to discuss, so much writer’s blockage to overcome. Allow me to update you on a few topics I might more thoroughly address in future: 1. Despite the recent ruling by a Trump appointed judge, one of the many deemed unqualified by the bar association, the pandemic is not over. My mask … Continue reading My House, is a Very Very Very… um… House

System Failure

WARNING this post contains offensive language. A couple of weeks ago, my iPhone 11, which I had purchased on a two year payment plan 13 months prior, malfunctioned. It had a “system failure.” The facial recognition stopped working first. My thought was that my smart ass phone didn’t know me because I’ve lost too much … Continue reading System Failure

Coronavirus in the U.S.

Don’t let anyone tell you the coronavirus is like the flu; the mortality rate is ten times higher. Today’s global coronavirus numbers: 113,851 cases 4,015 deaths Italy is closed; no one is leaving or entering. The entire country is closed. They report the second-largest outbreak, only outdone by China. China and South Korea have seen … Continue reading Coronavirus in the U.S.

An Illusion of Healthcare 

Trumpcare is the new plan for you to buy You may keep your doctor but there's a glitch We exclude illness, so millions will die But there will be more money for the rich                                 ~ You pay for insurance, … Continue reading An Illusion of Healthcare 

Tom Price / Reply All

"The appearance of insider trading", "a privileged offer", or good old fashioned governmental corruption? I pick C.  "The head of an Australian pharmaceutical company is forcefully denying to CNN that Rep. Tom Price, President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Department of Human Services, was offered a special discounted rate of the firm's stocks." CNN … Continue reading Tom Price / Reply All

A Day for Introspection

I opened one eye this morning and something was different...the clamp on my head is gone! Could this relentless sinus infection be over? I have energy... I can focus...I can breath through my nose.  This is going to be a great day.  I will: Not think about politics today Take my dogs to the dog … Continue reading A Day for Introspection