Virginia is Blue

Loudoun Country Virginia wins first place for most heart-warming election results in the 2019 cycle. Why? Speaking of cycles (groan)— Juli Briskman, the cyclist, famously photographed flipping off the orange motorcade, is the newly elected Board of Supervisors Official for Loudoun Country, which happens to be the location of the Virginia 🖕🏼Rump National Golf Club, … Continue reading Virginia is Blue

Speaking of Cake

Speaking of cake, today is my birthday. Please don't comment happy birthday, because I'll ignore it. I hate everything about birthdays. I only mention mine to illustrate the fact that birthdays are just another day. If a person (I) expects people to bow at their (my) will, just this one day a year, they (I) … Continue reading Speaking of Cake

Let Trump Eat Cake And it was the most beautiful chocolate cake, really the best, you'll never have cake like that, believe me, everybody says so, who doesn't love cake?...what was I saying...oh, so I bombed Irak—what? —oh, so I bombed Syria, then Ivanka said "why don't you bomb Irak too..." and I said "Is there more cake, … Continue reading Let Trump Eat Cake