Three News Stories and Some Propaganda

Taliban officials and Afghan leaders along with Secretary Pompeo announced a “historic peace treaty” to end the longest war in US history, paving the way, in theory, to end 18 years of fighting, but more importantly, to distract Americans from this week’s stock market “correction,” (crash) which was worse than that of 2008.

He who shall remain nameless takes credit when the market is good, and blames Democrats when it is bad. Five trillion dollars gone in a day, a 1200 point drop, and the spiral is expected to continue as fears mount- fears of a pandemic.

☝️🏼Another old tweet that didn’t age well.

Well, since Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell’s plans to take pensions, cut Social Security and Medicare, what good is a 401k- if none of us can afford to retire?

What do I mean?

With the rich running things, we will work grindstone to tombstone- expire before we retire- our final destination will be our vocation.

Meanwhile, on the west coast, a whistleblower has revealed that government employees were not wearing protective gear when they assisted coronavirus evacuees. Of course, they weren’t. Don’t blame them, there were no supplies or procedures in place; they were not trained in how to handle the situation. This is what happens when you fire professionals and replace them with campaign donors.

These health workers could have been infected and infected members of the community. It’s been established that individuals can be asymptomatic but still test positive for the virus. The coronavirus “hoax” is confirmed in three states, Washington, Oregon, and California. We are all susceptible.

Scientists estimate each Infected individual will infect 3.5 people, 40% of the population, 100,000,000 people annually.

There’s no need to fear, Vice President Mike Pence is here— and heading the new infectious disease team. The sole purpose of said team is information suppression.

Controlling information is not what democracies do, but we are no longer a democracy. Chin up, we still have the internet to see what other countries are reporting. States, like New York, plan to take matters into their own hands.

On your behalf, I’ve googled some questions, and this is what I learned:

How sick are people?

  • It will result in hospitalization for 20% to 30% of those infected.

What is the mortality rate?

  • They (you know, they,) say 2.5-5% will die from it.
  • Coronavirus “hoax” death toll is already at 2,800 worldwide.

POTUS of Whales says coronavirus is like a flu outbreak; is he right?

  • The coronavirus is 40 times more lethal than the flu. During his televised address he claimed there are only about 15 confirmed cases in the US, but the number was closer to 100. It’s higher now.

Can you be infected more than once?

  • You tell me. Siri won’t tell me.

How is it contracted?

  • It is mainly spread from person to person. An infected person six feet away can cough or sneeze and their respiratory droplets might be passed.
  • The virus lives on surfaces for up to nine days. A flu virus lasts two.
  • It was spread by a woman without symptoms to her entire family.
  • You can be a carrier without ever showing symptoms.

What is the incubation period?

  • People are thought, to be most contagious when they are sickest.
  • ☝️🏼This makes no sense since you don’t have to be sick to spread the virus.
  • Somebody get me a lab coat!

  • Does the survival rate number factor in the number o

    currently infected?

    • No.

    I like to end on a positive note. The good news is that disinfectant wipes work, so wipe down anyone who might be infected and the surfaces they’ve touched in the last nine days. Wash your hands, and the hands of those around you, without touching your face, or their faces.



    Moving on to my lecture on the importance of voting.

    There was a 65% voter turnout when President Obama won in 2008.

    • If we have 60% voter turnout in 2020, Democrats will win.
    • If 70% of us vote, we can *86 the GOP. (*restaurant lingo meaning “we’re out of it”)
    • Only 58% of those eligible to vote turnouted out in 2016, and we got the tangerine tyrant.
  • If Trump is re-elected and we all die. [slight exageration]
  • Encourage people to vote.


    My sources:

    9 thoughts on “Three News Stories and Some Propaganda

        1. I believe (but have no proof) that trump has some degree of organic brain syndrome (dementia). His slurred speech, forgetfulness, spontaneous raging, mercurial temper all suggest such. At any rate the guy ain’t right.

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    1. Australia has had it’s first death, a 78 year old man. It annoys me he’s calling it a Hoax. Yes, Trump, the whole world is in on this big “hoax” just to get back at you. It’s annoying because you know he’s doing it, because he keeps getting it wrong. Instead of going “I goofed” It’s more “Oh no, it’s a hoax created by the Democrats to get at me”. If it’s such a hoax, why doesn’t he go to China then? Go the heart of the “hoax”. Or is it more like “We’re totally innocent, so we don’t have to prove the Democrat’s wrong”.

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