We Can’t Have Nice Things

*This post contains language that might be considered offensive.

At a time when United States citizens should be joining forces to fight for our democracy… um, you missed a spot. Applying ass-clown makeup is a group effort today.

A poll taken a couple of weeks ago hinted that there might be a problem, and here it is.

Proof has surfaced that we haven’t learned anything, not a damn thing, that we are blind to history, that we are so selfish, such spoiled children, that if we don’t get what we want, we are willing to throw this country into a full-blown dictatorship.

A moronic movement has emerged, to compete with the #BernieOrBust assholes who gave us Trump in 2016, #StillVoteYang is trending on twitter, and may very well give Trump a reelection win, in November.

Yang, who dropped out of the race this week, is tied for third place in Nevada polls. His supporters are on social media urging others to vote for him despite his decision to step down. Automation has not only eliminated jobs, Andrew, but it also seems to have siphoned our collective common sense.

Andrew Yang, if you’re listening, I’m sure this is a great stroke to your ego, but the time to speak to your supporters was yesterday. Give’m the numbers, math guy. If you want to alienate the rest of the country by being the next election spoiler, that will be your legacy.

We are a truly stupid country; maybe we deserve an autocratic system. We appear to be incapable of rational thought, and because we should have learned our lesson, this is a new level of ignorance, surpassing 2016.

Maybe we don’t deserve healthcare. Maybe we should give our retirement money to the rich.

Or, maybe Yang gang, you could grow the fuck up.

I like to think there is humor in every situation, and the fun in this is that Bernie bros are livid that Yang’s supporters aren’t jumping on their team. Fuck’em all.

Vote for who you want. Smarter people than us fought to ensure that you have that right. Elizabeth Warren has my vote.

8 thoughts on “We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. I am for Michael Bloomberg – I believe he has the funding and the attitude to take on Trump, and he is also strong on gun law reform and climate change adaptation. Also if he can unify New York as mayor, he can unify America as President.
    Warren has some good ideas but would not make an effective President in my opinion – same goes for Bernie.
    I think most Dems are in defensive mode now and the key issue is to oust the current criminal occupying the Presidential office.

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    1. I like Bloomberg too, and if he wins the nomination he has my vote. I love that his ads only attack Trump, and not his democratic opponents. I wrote a post about him on Thursday. He can beat Trump, any of the Democratic nominees can if we are unified.

      I prefer Warren’s more progressive plans, and I think Wall Street is terrified of her. I also think we’re overdue for a woman.

      I am afraid that people don’t realize the gravity of what’s happening in the White House. The caviler attitude of Bernie and Yang supporters is disheartening.

      I wish the candidates would address this before the division becomes irreparable.


  2. Bloomberg is one of the few who has pledged to work to oust the current turd, even if he is not chosen…While his supporters may say differently now, he could be a great leader, even if he isn’t the candidate.
    My husband makes the point that the moderate contenders are splitting the votes, where the extremists are focusing on Sanders. That means that more people want a moderate choice, but a moderate choice will be ousted by the ability of Sanders to pull together extremists. That is how the Twittin’ Chief stole the Republican nomination last time: He unified the far wrong.
    A rational moderate choice is what’s best for America. There is a lot of damage to be undone. I also think that every sitting senator is desperately needed in the Senate.

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    1. I agree that Bloomberg is most likely to be the candidate; because he has been a Republican he will garner the support of moderate republicans and democrats.
      He’s my second choice, and I’m open to listening him debate.
      I won’t vote for Bernie.
      I could be called an extremist in my views, but all I want is what Europe and Australia and other parts of the world have. We have been conditioned to think healthcare for all is not possible, but Americans pay over $700 billion a year in health insurance premiums for executive pay, lobbyists, advertising, and shareholders before healthcare is even factored in. And we’re dying because we can’t afford insuline, or the deductible for surgery. We deserve better.


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