Trump Tries to Slither Out of Another Lawsuit

I’m tired of watching Trump evade the law. Don the-Con is an old pro at lawsuits. While normal parents taught their children skills like manners, reading and elocution, Big Daddy Trump was teaching his spawn to manipulate and evade the law. His history of abusing the court system dates back to 1973, and resulted from his racist rental habits. This was just the beginning of Trump “weaponizing the courts.” *See the politic story below.

More recently, in the summer of 2016, then-candidate Trump had 3500 lawsuits pending. Everyone was suing him, and he countersued to keep them at bay. Many of the lawsuits stemmed from his six bankruptcies, that allowed him to stiff working stiffs, suppliers, etc.

Those 3500 lawsuits would not go away despite threats from Don the Con’s fixer, Michael Cohen.

In November of 2016, just days after the presidential election, a $25 million settlement ended a lawsuit brought by New York and two class-action suits in California. 6,000 defrauded former students of “Trump University” were recompensed. Those 6,000 students represent only three of the 3,500 lawsuits.

In November of 2017, Donny two-Scoops was ordered to repay $2 million, and close his tax-exempt charity after proof surfaced, of misappropriation of funds; he used the money to pay his personal debts.

Back in 2013, a $5 million slander lawsuit was filed by the thin-skinned Mango-Mussolini. Bill Mayer had called Trump an orangutan. Bullies are fragile damaged children. The lawsuit was eventually dropped. My guess is that Trump was unwilling to submit to a DNA test.

So what? This is all old news! I’m getting to the point.

Trump is asking a New York judge to dismiss a rape allegation case filed against him by advice columnist, E Jean Carrol. His argument is that she can’t sue him in New York because the jurisdiction was wrong, he wasn’t served a complaint in New York, New York was just a coffee boy, and he wasn’t a resident at the time. (*spoiler* – He was.) He was not only a resident, but he was involved in several other lawsuits in New York at that time.

Ms. Carroll has a dress. The dress she wore when Trump (allegedly) raped her. She hasn’t worn it or washed it since the (alleged) rape. It may not be a blue dress, but it has DNA to prove her allegations.

The DNA on the dress might serve to prove Bill Meyer’s claim as well, that Trump is, in fact, an orangutan.

Whether or not the judge is a McConnell placed minion, remains to be seen. One of every four circuit judges is now a Trump appointee.

With the Senate Majority, McConnell in control, Trump’s mobster Attorney General Bill Barr blocking justice, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo keeping whistleblowers at bay, Trump is in effect bubble-wrapped. Nothing can touch him.

I’m tired of watching Trump evade the law.

7 thoughts on “Trump Tries to Slither Out of Another Lawsuit

  1. The man clearly thinks he is above and beyond the rule of law and he thinks his base is stupid enough to believe it. He is making a mockery of the American system and the American people. I pray someone makes him accountable and justice is restored.

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