House Intelligence Committee “Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report” Released

The Impeachment Inquiry Report has been released to the public by the House Intelligence Committee.

The report describes depositions given during two weeks of public hearings, the testimony of numerous credible witnesses which corroborated a whistleblower report that outlined tRump’s attempts to “use the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 election.”

  • The testimony confirmed that:
    • tRump made a White House meeting with President Zelensky of Ukraine conditional.
    • He withheld military assistance and $400 million in aid that Congress had designated for Ukraine, also making that conditional.
    • He fired an anti-corruption ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, and replaced her with two men, Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the European Union, and Kurt Volker envoy to Ukraine, who were willing to follow his orders.

    What were tRump’s orders?

    • He wanted President Zelensky of Ukraine to publicly announce that he was opening an investigation into the Bidens.

    Why did he want that?

    Because he believed an investigation would taint his highest polling democratic opponent in the 2020 presidential campaign, which would be beneficial to his reelection. Reminiscent of “but her emails!”

    There is more proof. There are transcripts of phone calls between tRump and Zelensky:

    As you can see, he mentions the Bidens several times.

    Additional misconduct allegations include obstruction of the impeachment investigation.

  • POTUS claims his phone call to Zelensky was ‘perfect,’ repeatedly says he has nothing to hide, promising he’ll turn over the thousands of pages of documents requested by Congress, but he doesn’t. He says he’ll allow all witnesses to testify, but he doesn’t. He has even said he might testify, but he won’t.
  • Politics is like physics. For every report (by the Democratic Party), there is an equal (in length) and opposite reaction by the GOP.

    The GOP released a report, that came out hours before the official one, to confuse everyone, like what Barr did with the Mueller report.

    “President Trump has a deep-seated, genuine, and reasonable skepticism of Ukraine due to its history of pervasive corruption.”

    They claim tRump withheld the aid for only a short time, a few months, in part because the Ukraine government was responsible for hacking into the 2016 election.

    Fiona Hill, a former head of the U.S. National Security Council who specialized in Russian and European affairs, opened her testimony warning congress of the danger in repeating Putin’s false narrative that Ukraine, and not Russia, hacked into our election.

    So, that is what the GOP did, regardless of Hill’s words.

    They weren’t only Hill’s words, every government official who testified, and every government intel agency has said repeatedly that it was Russia, not Ukraine, who tampered with the 2016 election.

    The GOP report also claims corruption in Ukraine led their Messiah to withhold the aid illegally, but that doesn’t explain why he would ask a corrupt government to open an investigation for him.

    The GOP asserts that Biden was only mentioned in passing in that phone call. We can read the truth and see for ourselves that the opposite is true.

    Giuliani isn’t under the bus yet. The GOP report exonerates him.

    “There is nothing inherently improper with Mayor Giuliani’s involvement as well because the Ukrainians knew that he was a conduit to convince President Trump that President Zelensky was serious about reform.”

    It has become obvious that every member of the GOP has lost sight of their purpose in government, or given in to blackmail. It will be interesting to see if the party outlasts this administration.

    Click to access 2019-12-02-Report-of-Evidence-in-the-Democrats-Impeachment-Inquiry-in-the-House-of-Representatives.pdf

    House Republicans defend Trump’s actions in new report responding to impeachment inquiry

    Report | Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

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