Bullies Have the Most Fragile Egos

Across the pond yesterday, tRump was mocked by NATO world leaders.

It’s better to laugh at a nefarious fool than to cry over his destruction.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our country in these three tumultuous years, and what it means to be American. The American history we are taught in classrooms is not based on truth. The winners of wars write their history. We are an ugly version of freedom, living on stolen land, made fruitful by slaves. We don’t respect that which we committed genocide to plunder by preserving the earth for our children. The greed of a small group who have manipulated the masses is at the core of our rot. They acquire all the wealth they can while we’re under this lawless leadership. We are ugly.

I’d laugh too if I could, but the kid who stole lunch money, and grew up to steal the presidency, reminds the world daily with his stupidity, that Putin won this battle.

With widespread coverage yesterday of world leaders mocking him, he couldn’t delude himself anymore, so he took his orange face paint and flew home. Bullies have the most fragile egos.

Meantime, impeachment hearings phase two, day one, had three legal scholars voice their unanimous belief that without a doubt, tRump has committed impeachable offenses, and he poses an imminent threat to our democracy.

The compromised GOP had their own legal scholar who has argued against impeachment before, of a judge and lost. His empty arguments were coordinated with the Republican members of the judiciary committee. Democrats are moving “too fast.” They’re impeachment happy, impeaching just to impeach because they’re upset that they lost 2016, and because they hate tRump.

And then, because they needed to manipulate the news headlines, they focused on one sentence made by Stanford Law Professor Susan Karlan.

The statement was made after a film clip of tRump was played in which he said:

“I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.”

Karlan responded:

“Contrary to what President Trump has said, Article 2 does not give him the power to do anything he wants, and I’ll just give you one example that shows you the difference between him and a king, which is, the Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility, so while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron,”

Drunk driving congressman Matt Gaetz kicked off the GOP redirection of the hearings: “that just makes you look mean.”

Third Lady, Madam Melancholia, denounced Karlan, saying she “should be ashamed.”

Let’s remember three things:

  • tRump is credibly accused of raping a 13-year-old girl.
  • tRump has openly mocked 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg.
  • Thousands of children have been kidnapped, illegally adopted out, thousands have been caged, and thousands more are unaccounted for.

But don’t say, “Barron.”

We are at this point in history because the man who was installed by Putin has committed:

  • Abuse of Power,
  • Contempt of Congress,
  • Obstruction of Congress,
  • Obstruction of Justice,
  • Witness Intimidation.
  • “Our elections become less free when they are distorted by foreign interference, but that distortion is magnified if a sitting president abuses the powers of his office actually to invite foreign intervention.” ~Professor Karlan

    Free and fair elections are our constitutional right, and if we don’t impeach now, we stand to lose it.

    History won’t be kind to this administration, because they won’t be writing it.

    In just a few minutes, at 0900 eastern time, Madame Speaker, Nancy Pelosi Scheduled to make an announcement from the Speaker’s balcony hallway. She has not done so since she announced opening a formal impeachment inquiry in September.

    What next?

    What 4 legal scholars told the House Judiciary Committee about Trump and impeachment

    article 2 of the constitution – Google Search

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