Mueller Found Proof of a Conspiracy

The majority of Americans did not read the 448 page Mueller report. Bill Barr successfully distracted that majority with his four-page synopsis, which, according to Mueller, “did not reflect the views of the department.”

Now you can not read more and regularly— 500 pages, every month for the next eight years, yes eight years. You can not see the evidence that former special counsel Robert Mueller turned over to Attorney General Bill Barr, who refused to share it with Congress, or anyone else: tens of thousands of transcripts, emails, memos, letters, etc.

Jason Leopold, a reporter for BuzzFeed News, sued several agencies, filing five lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act, for evidence used by the former special counsel, Robert Mueller, to write his report.

Thread by @JasonLeopold: “Earlier this year, right after AG Barr released his memo characterizing Mueller’s report, I started filing requests for primary source […]” #FOIA #MuellerMemos

A judge complied, and the Department of Justice will release the memos in a slow drip, as I said, 500 pages per month for— eight years.— five separate Freedom of Information Act lawsuits.

“500 pages” isn’t as daunting as it sounds, many of those pages are heavily redacted:

So what is in the first 500 pages? A lot of evidence that Trump conspired with Russia:

The Republican National Committee knew. ☝🏼Republicans knew about the foreign interference, the hacked emails, everything, and every Republican in Congress is complicit.

Don Jr👇🏼

More Don Jr 👇🏼Don Jr may be stupid, but he should have been indicted.

We are reminded of the link between Manafort, Pence, and Flynn.

Erik Prince, brother of Betsy Deville Devos, was an adviser to Don the Con for the presidential debates, despite his denials.

Sean Hannity’s name is mentioned several times.

The Republican Party is an organized crime family.

We knew all of this, but now we have proof. There are two big takeaways from the Mueller memos:

  1. Barr blatantly lied
  2. Bob Mueller didn’t do enough with the evidence he had.

Bill Barr is a national security threat, as is everyone associated with this administration.

Bob Mueller found proof of a conspiracy.

Here’s The First Batch of Memos From Robert Mueller’s Russia Inquiry

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