More Impeachment Hearing No-Shows

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Since the House Intelligence Committee began preliminary interviews of witnesses for the impeachment inquiry, Republicans have cried foul, arguing that House Democratic leaders had not held a vote authorizing the impeachment inquiry. They said that without a vote, the proceedings were ”illegitimate.” A vote is not required at this phase, but that didn’t matter to Republicans who were only repeating “talking points” from a list emailed to them, and accidentally emailed to Democrats as well— twice.

Be careful what you wish for. Speaker Pelosi held a vote, and the ayes had it. Now, what’s their excuse?

Four witnesses were subpoenaed to testify on Monday; all four refused.

Remember the name John Eisenberg, a no show on Monday. As part of the White House National Security Council, Eisenberg was involved in moving the transcript of the July 25 phone call between 45 and Ukraine President Zelinsky to the most classified computer system in the White House.

45’s phone call, during which he attempted to strong-arm Zelensky into interfering with the 2020 election, was unlawful enough for his fixers to try to bury the evidence. It doesn’t bode well for his argument that it was a ”perfect phone call.”

Eisenberg was a no show using the excuse of “executive privilege.”

Three others who failed to appear on Monday were White House lawyer Michael Ellis, and White House budget officials, Blair, and McCormack. Their excuse was that they were unable to secure an administration lawyer.

These refusals to testify will continue throughout the week. Office of Budget Management officials, Michael Duffey and Russell Vought, will also not comply with the house committees summons.

This is the current list of White House officials and staffers who have refused to testify before Congress: Kline, Hicks, Donaldson, Conway, Mnuchin, Ross, Barr, several White House lawyers, Pence, Pompeo, Esper, Giuliani, Vought, Sondland, Parnas, Fruman, Perry, Mulvaney, Kupperman, Eisenberg, Ellis, Blair, and McCormack.

Not one witness has suffered legal consequences for their refusal to comply with Congress.

Chairman Schiff says, “White House officials who have defied congressional subpoenas and refused to appear for congressional depositions will further add to the body of evidence on a potential obstruction of Congress charge against the president.”

That’s all good, but it seems to me that if there were one Susan McDougal among them, more witnesses would be inclined to comply.

Who? Susan McDougal spent 22 months in jail for refusing to answer three grand jury questions as to whether President Bill Clinton lied while testifying in a Whitewater trial.

As obstruction of Congress continues, so does witness

intimidation and tampering.

Republicans are on a campaign to out the whistleblower, and their motivation can only be fear that more will come forward.

Trump impeachment inquiry awaits key witnesses, but some may be no-shows — Reuters

All four White House officials scheduled for House inquiry depositions Monday won’t testify

White House inadvertently sends Ukraine talking points to Democrats

White House accidentally sends Ukraine talking points to Democrats again

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