Barr, Giuliani, and Pompeo, Protecting Trump

It is a fact that White House officials, DOJ lawyers, and other employees in POTUS 45’s regime have regularly conspired to hide his habit of abusing his purloined position of power. This conspiracy will ultimately be what takes him down, and they, along with him.

At the heart of 45’s impeachment inquiry is a phone call he made to Ukraine’s new President, Zelensky. The purported purpose of the call was to congratulate Zelensky on his election win, but the call was an attempt by 45 to strong-arm Zelensky into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son in exchange for a $400 million aid package that had already been approved by Congress.

The call was alarming enough to prompt a whistleblower complaint, and the intelligence community’s inspector general deemed the whistleblower complaint “an urgent concern,” and the claim has been corroborated. It was given to the new Department of National Intelligence Chief, Joseph Maguire, who consulted Barr and POTUS 45 as to what he should do with it; a shocking decision considering both individuals are implicated in the report. Both Barr and 45 advised Maguire to do nothing.

Attorney General Barr has focused his efforts on protecting 45 from any investigation into his criminal behavior. Another story in the news this week discloses Barr’s attempts to blocking SDNY from investigating Trump in a legal matter between the Manhattan District and Trump.

45 has a well-documented, long-standing pattern of criminal behavior that dates as far back as 1973. He has sustained it by denying, impeding, delaying, and destroying documents he has been ordered to turn over. The Zelensky phone call is no different.

A lawsuit filed in May alleges that the White House is failing to create and or preserve records, in violation of the Presidential Records Act passed in the aftermath of the Nixon Watergate scandal.

A government watchdog group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, also known as CREW filed a formal request on Tuesday to put a restraining order on 45 and his White House senior staff, that would safeguard all records of their meetings and communications with foreign leaders, as required by the Presidential Records Act.

The request prompted U.S. District Judge Amy Berman to initiate a conference call in her DC courthouse. The purpose of the call was to get reassurances that these records had been preserved as required by law.

An attorney for Bill Barr’s Justice Department, Kathryn Wyer, refused to give the judge such an assurance, saying:

“There is certainly no risk of anything being destroyed.”

Judge Jackson replied:

“If that’s the case, then I don’t know why you wouldn’t be willing to assure me.”

An attorney for CREW, Anne Weisman, argued that actions by 45’s administration over the last week make clear that the court must act with urgency.

Judge Jackson understood the urgency but questioned her jurisdiction to manage the White House.

On September 23, the White House dismissed Judge Jackson’s request, claiming the court does not hold the authority to “create a freestanding right to demand that defense counsel disclose preservation guidance outside of the discovery process before a defendant has even filed a response to the complaint.”

It’s a safe bet that 45 is destroying documents that should be protected.

Rudy Giuliani is 45’s personal attorney. On Monday, Democrats subpoenaed Giuliani, who was directly involved in his client’s efforts to urge the president of Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son. House Intelligence Committee Leader, Adam Schiff and fellow other Democratic committee leaders have put a deadline on their subpoena, of October 15, for evidence, including text messages, phone records, and other communications. Giuliani laughed at the subpoena, saying he would not testify for Adam Schiff, but might consider testifying for other members of congress.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would not comment on 45’s July 25th phone call to the Ukrainian President, because he’s been “busy”, too busy to read the nine page whistleblower complaint. Feigning ignorance in attempt to avoid questions is odd, especially considering that he now admits he had listened in on the July 25 call between 45 and the Ukrainian President.

Also subpoenaed were three of 45’s business associates, who are asked to provide documents and depositions. 

Pompeo’s response to subpoenas is to accuse Democrats of trying to “bully” officials into testifying in an impeachment inquiry. Pompeo wrote in a letter to House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel, (D/NY):

“I am concerned with aspects of your request … that can be understood only as an attempt to intimidate, bully, and treat improperly the distinguished professionals of the Department of State, including several career Foreign Service Officers, whom the committee is now targeting. Let me be clear: I will not tolerate such tactics, and I will use all means at my disposal to prevent and expose any attempts to intimidate the dedicated professionals whom I am proud to lead and serve alongside at the Department of State.”

When you think 45 has reached the zenith of his stupidity he surpasses himself. Now he is openly urging China, in addition to the Ukraine, to investigate the Bidens. Similarly, he asked the Prime Minister of Australia to help Barr investigate the origins of the Mueller investigation.

The Watergate investigation resulted in the indictment of 69 people, with trials or pleas resulting in 48 being found guilty. Many of those found guilty were among Nixon’s top officials. With that knowledge, it’s hard to understand why Giuliani, Barr, and Pompeo would risk everything to protect Trump.

One piece of information yet to be revealed is who ordered the transcript of the Ukraine call to be put in the secret server. That person should be worried, because the act shows an indisputable consciousness of guilt.

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