Taliban at Camp David— What’s Really Going On?

I have a suspicious mind, or maybe I read enough to know that whatever the Commander-of-Thieves claims, the opposite is true.

D.C.’s favorite idiot has passed the week arguing (distracting) about who said Alabama was in the line of a hurricane, Now he has announced the cancellation of a ”secret meeting” with the Taliban that was to take place on U.S. Soil, during the week of 9/11.

Look at these tweets. Do you find the first word curiously multi-syllabic; notice the lack of grammatical errors? He didn’t write these, and Saturday night tweeting means fewer people are paying attention. The man is a habitual liar; what reason do we have to believe any aspect of these tweets? Why would the Taliban come to Camp David, USA, during the 9/11 anniversary?

Seven years ago Conald tweeted this—

His tweets don’t age well.

The Taliban story is ridiculous at first glance, designed to make one wonder if this is more insanity plea fodder to add to his file for later use, or is it unintentional Article 5 material that Democratic politicians can use to remove him from office? In either event, it reminds me that I need to cancel my secret rendezvous with Colin Firth— because I need to wash my hair.

Whoever concocted this story is covering up a worse story; and it must be bad to confess that the White House wack-job was secretly negotiating with the Taliban, and as such, undermining the recognized government of Afghanistan.

Some things to ponder while you chew on these edible tweets:

  • DT has claimed ownership $3.6 billion of US military funds to put toward building his border wall.
  • Russia has been arming The Taliban for years.
  • Afghanistan sits on $1 Trillion in minerals.
  • Donald is only concerned with Putin and his personal wealth.
  • Earlier this year, the POTUS Clown asked Congress for tax payer funds to reimburse the Taliban for peace talk travel expenses.

I don’t know what this means, but it’s a safe bet that it’s not what he says it is. Maybe he wants to end the fighting in Afghanistan, or perhaps he has a plan to mine minerals in Afghanistan with Putin and needs cooperation from the Taliban.

Whatever he’s doing, you can be sure 45 is a threat to national security both domestic and abroad.

Trump says he canceled secret Camp David meetings with Taliban leaders, Afghan president – POLITICO

The US military will pay for Trump’s border wall, not Mexico


2017<—☝️🏼 2014—>👇🏼

Rare Earth: Afghanistan Sits on $1 Trillion in Minerals

Did the Trump admin seek taxpayer funds to reimburse the Taliban?

2 thoughts on “Taliban at Camp David— What’s Really Going On?

  1. I’m with you. This is bizarro-in-extremis (made up faux Latin). One can only hope it will bite him, and his cohorts, in the hindquarters. Seems like the ultimate in tacky disrespect for those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terror attacks and the aftermath, including the war, would be celebrating its anniversary with the Taliban.
    Maybe since he couldn’t buy Greenland he is going after Afghanistan…but his ties to Putin make it more likely that he is facilitating the Russians taking it over. Or maybe he is trying for the Nobel Peace Prize again.
    I’ve thought all along that the sharpie thing was a distraction. But naively thought is was to distract from FEMA’s budget being co-opted.

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