Like Russia

This administration renders the United States more like Russia every day. One example proving my point is Russia’s government-run news media. Fox News acts in this capacity here, coddling our White House pretender. Russia’s President Putin arrests reporters who tell the truth; their stories are shut down. Here, 45 verbally attacks the media who report on his lies, corruption, and idiocy.

The United States Commander-in-Chief commands military leaders to lie on his behalf, as he does his government officials. Some are willing to illegally falsify documents to comply with his demands. Reports that DT ordered the Coast Guard admiral ”to publicly defend his false Alabama hurricane claims,” confirm complicity. This case would not be tested in Russia because their leader is more likely to have an understanding of geography.

Elections in Russia are not fair, and Putin is suspected of having interfered with elections around the world. Despite a consensus made by every US intelligence organization that Russia interfered in our 2016 election, to help DT, our complicit Senate Majority leader, Moscow Mitch McConnell has ensured we add no election security at all, leaving our elections vulnerable to hackers. It is an act of war that Russia’s military has and continues its work to attack our elections. McConnell’s enabling it is tantamount to treason.

DT told George Stephanopoulos he would welcome foreign interference in an election. There is little hope that without a massive voter turnout, the 2020 election will offer voters an opportunity to remove this regime from power.

This week we heard reports that Republicans in Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and South Carolina, are canceling their party’s primary elections. They’ll declare Trump, the Republican nominee without a vote.

Words like autocracy and dictatorship come to mind. Putin murders his opponents. I have no doubt his puppet would do the same, given the opportunity.

While Democrats in DC continue issuing subpoenas, ignored by this administration, Democrats on the state level have different plans to fight back.

Thursday, the Democratic-led Illinois Senate voted 36-19 in favor of a measure that adds a requirement for political hopefuls who wish to be listed on a presidential ballot. The bill now moves to the Democratic-controlled Illinois House. Presidential and vice-presidential candidates must disclose their personal tax returns for the previous five years, or their names will not appear on the state’s presidential ballot.

Delusional Donny promised to turn over his taxes if he was elected in 2016. Perhaps since he was installed, and not elected, that promise has not been broken. Demands for access to the documents made by House Democrats in DC, to the Internal Revenue Service, have been ignored, like everything else. It is fair to assume his taxes provide proof of fraud, if not his ties to foreign powers, like Russia.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says 17 other states have similar bills in the works.

“I am the chosen one.” ~DT

Our low energy, cranky grandpa in chief, has proclaimed himself to be the “King of Israel, the “2nd Coming of God,” and the “Chosen One.” He is the chosen one, chosen by Putin. It remains to be seen whether he will run in 2020, or be removed from office before the election, due to impeachment, resignation, or Article 5 of the Constitution- his insanity is apparent. Has Russia “chosen” an alternate candidate who is waiting in the wings? That too remains to be seen.

Republicans to scrap primaries and caucuses as Trump challengers cry foul

Illinois Senate To Trump: Show Your Tax Returns Or Be Barred From The 2020 Ballot

Trump ‘orders Coast Guard admiral’ to publicly defend his false Alabama hurricane claims

Russia has been meddling in foreign elections for decades. Has it made a difference? – The Washington Post

4 thoughts on “Like Russia

  1. I’d like to see everyone who runs for any federal position, including anyone being considered for judgeship, to take and pass the same citizenship test given to those applying for it for the first time. Maybe we should require that for voter registration as well.

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    1. I agree that anyone who runs for public office should be required to pass a citizenship test, but if voter registration required it, I don’t think many would vote.

      I think we need to follow Australia’s example and issue fines to people who don’t vote. Even if it’s only $25, it might make a difference.

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      1. Good point. I was thinking that many who vote don’t realize that they are actually hiring people to do a job. I feel like too many don’t know what those jobs are. It’s like hiring someone you think it would be fun to have coffee with once a week, not realizing that brain surgery requires a different set of skills than chitchat.

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