Separated at Birth

Misery loves company. Britain has it’s very own version of our toupee’d tyrant with it’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The two not only share body type and hairstyle, but both hate democracy, and both have nationalistic views. Britain trumped us, however, by pulling the rug out from under their blonde bully, in less than two months.

I won’t pretend to understand the political system in Britain, but it is reasonable to say our problems and theirs have much in common.

Their surprise Brexit vote came shortly before the shocking results of our 2016 Presidential election. I would venture to say Russia celebrated both events.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Like the Democratic party in the U.S., Britain has their Labour Party, and their Torys, or Conservative Party, is the equivalent of our GOP, or Republican Party.

This week, Boris Johnson threatened to eject Conservatives if they voted against his pro-Brexit agenda. Twenty-one of them did so regardless, putting country over party, by voting with the pro-democracy Labour Party to block the “no-Brexit deal.”

*This is a confusion pause— The “no-Brexit deal” is pro-Brexit, which is the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. I don’t get the double negative phraseology, but let’s move on.

Among the 21 Tory rebels who voted against the “no-Brexit deal,” were two notables— Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill’s 72-year-old grandson, and Kenneth Clarke, the longest-serving member of the House of Commons.

Boris Johnson was good for his word, expelling the rebel group from the Conservative party. Soames responded by retiring from politics altogether.

Tory MP Phillip Lee defects to Lib Dems midway through Johnson speech – video

During Boris Johnson’s speech that followed the defection of those 21 rebels, Tory MP, Phillip Lee took a stand, crossing over to the side of democracy— literally. And with that move, Boris Johnson lost his majority and his control over Parliament.

My question is— Why can’t 21 Republicans do the same? Actually, we only need 4.

Republicans in Congress have had almost three years to do something to restore our government and end this pro-Russia kleptocracy, but Don the con, the NRA, the Mercer’s, the Koch’s, Putin, etc., are still collecting on their investments.

We can thank Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr for enabling DT to continue his charade. Our Democratic Party needs to kick it up a notch because, with McConnell’s refusal to secure our elections, a change of power in 2020 is not a guarantee.

I can not put all the blame on the Democratic party. It seems we citizens have become lazy.

Thousands have fearlessly protested in Moscow, where participants could have had no doubt they would face arrests.

And we have seen the millions of relentless protesters in Hong Kong, who have not eased up since they began in June.

The diligence of Hong Kong’s protestors has resulted in success. Their original goal, withdrawal of an extradition bill which would have allowed Hong Kong prisoners to be tried in mainland China, has been met, but their demands have changed. They also want a voting rights bill and an investigation into police conduct during the months of protests.

Transportation – We the People March

As for the US, a solidarity march is scheduled to take place on September 21 in Washington D.C.

Let’s talk about crowd size.

Hong Kong may see more protests despite extradition bill’s end

Thousands March In Moscow Protest Defying Authorities

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