Look at their Motives… a limerick

Both Senators, Rick Scott and Mike Braun

Show concern over tax dollars drawn

By an $18k…

Pension, their dismay,

They want middle class congress withdrawn


Scott’s net worth is over $2 million

After a fine of over $1 billion

Social services fraud

The net worth of Braun

$35- $96… million


I broke a big rhyming rule there

Unavoidably, an attempt to share

To make congress poor

Who’s left to afford

The job? The rich, or poor bribed in despair


Congress should be well paid and the laws changed

Forbidding lobbyist money exchanged

Take out temptation

Of the equation

Leave political criminals estranged


These are the same in congress who said

Government shutdown: “We should be unpaid”

Only hurting those

In congress, who oppose

Bribes, why not freeze assets instead?

2 millionaire senators introduce plan to make sure Congress is only for the rich – ThinkProgress

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