Dispelling Disinformation

I will not repeat yesterday’s complaint that the Social Security goalpost has been moved for those of us born on or after 1960. “Full retirement age” changes from 65 to 67, for us youngsters. We lose 24 months of social security payments… I won’t say that today. I said it a lot yesterday. Not today … Continue reading Dispelling Disinformation

Senator Joe Manchin’s Evincible Greed

Coal stock has yielded a substantial profit with a surge that is expected to increase its value by 22% before the end of the year. Does this matter to anyone more than Senator Joe Manchin? Perhaps now, his financial advisors will tell him, is the time to sell his stock in coal. It would resolve … Continue reading Senator Joe Manchin’s Evincible Greed

Look at their Motives… a limerick

Both Senators, Rick Scott and Mike Braun Show concern over tax dollars drawn By an $18k... Pension, their dismay, They want middle class congress withdrawn ~ Scott’s net worth is over $2 million After a fine of over $1 billion Social services fraud The net worth of Braun $35- $96... million ~ I broke a … Continue reading Look at their Motives… a limerick

Food Shopping in Trumptopia… a poem

This tale is of a food shopping excursion I dreamt it last night so don’t cast aspersions My cart was filled up, well passed overflowing Have you guessed yet, where this story is going? A long line, price checks, my checkout wasn’t fun Time to pay came at last... my wallet was gone The cashier … Continue reading Food Shopping in Trumptopia… a poem