He “Didn’t Need to do It”

“I’m going to be signing a national emergency… other presidents have done it. They sign it nobody cares.” ~ Donald Trump

🧠 This is a tiny brain on drugs. 🧠

His parting words:

“I *didn’t need* to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster.” ~ Trump


He didn’t need it, but he wanted to. Now he’s gone golfing.

Trump Golf Count

Cost to taxpayers so far: $87,000,000

This emergency, which is no different now than 2 years ago when Republicans had control of congress, is not real. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s would have given Trump his wall with their blessing, but it wasn’t Trump’s priority.

Now that the GOP doesn’t control congress, Trump has set out to prove congress is unnecessary, bypassing them to do what he wants to do whether he “needs to do it” or not.

Trump, a 6x bankrupt real estate failure, intends to siphon funds set aside for U.S. disaster victims and troops, and to use our military as his contractor.

His emergency, in my opinion, is that he promised to buy large amounts of steel from Russia, and perhaps China, as he has done with oil pipelines and with his Trump buildings. He doesn’t ever use US steel.

Not following through on his promises to Russia is Trump’s emergency.

Real Emergencies in this country exist, but they’re not Trump’s concern.

They include:

• Climate change,

• Gun violence, guns kill 100 people everyday in the US,

• Opiods kill 130 Americans everyday.

• Untold abuse of migrant children abducted by our government at the border,

• Our healthcare system, 44 million people in this country are without health insurance, 38 million have inadequate health insurance. People in the richest country on the planet are dying because they can’t afford medical treatment and prescription drugs.

We have a lunatic in the Oval Office.

Congress has to remove Trump.

Trump re-tweeted the Dershowitz tweet after former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe stated, during a 60 minutes interview, the 25th Amendment (removing crazy from the Oval Office) was discussed after Trump fired then director of the FBI, James Comey.

Trump’s partner in pedophelia, Attorney Allan Dershowitz claims using the 25th amendment of the constitution as it was intended is… unconstitutional. The constitution is unconstitutional. Hmm.

Alan Dershowitz is a man with secrets. I would venture to say everyone who is standing by Trump is protecting secrets.

Jeff Bezos, (of Amazon, which will pay no taxes thanks to the GOP tax scam), by coming forward to expose blackmail attempts against him, cast a spotlight on the tactics Trump and his friends use to control people.

Amazon will pay $0 in federal taxes this year — and it’s partially thanks to Trump

Congress will stop Trump’s “emergency.” He knows that, but he also knows it will serve as a face-saving maneuver for his racist base of supporters.

Citizens for Ethics has filed a lawsuit against Trump in response to his “emergency.”

CREW Sues DOJ Over Presidential Emergency Powers Documents – CREW

Are we there yet? When can we use the tiny handcuffs?

It’s become clear that the Trump/Russia hijacking of our election in 2016 also involved the Saudis, China, and Israel. This crime is bigger than anyone imagined.

Robert Mueller requires time.

Congress has to remove Trump.

Computer scientists say they have strong evidence election was rigged against Clinton in three key states

The GOP argument of how much money the Mueller investigation is costing taxpayers is mute, Manafort’s assets have paid for the investigation, and may turn a profit.

Mueller’s investigation could turn a profit, thanks to Manafort’s assets

That said, Trump continues to disregard the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, another impeachable offense.

Congress has to remove Trump.

Trump invites rally attendees to take a photo with him for $15,000

One last item, Trump’s medical examination results have comeback.

He’s grown at least 3″ since he stood next to 6’3″ Jeb Bush in 2015. It must be all those hamberders he eats.

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