G20 Summit Photo Album… limerick

The high five was seen around the world

Two murderer’s alliance unfurled

So much in common

Bone-saws and bombing

Trump won’t sanction… their money’s been squirreled

The butt of a joke… feeling excluded

He’s been had, and now he’s denuded

Villainous comrades

Ignore him… how SAD!

His freedom has nearly concluded

Maybe he shouldn’t have cancelled their meeting

It resulted in this angry greeting

His bitch boss is mad

It’s Trump whose been had

The safest course would be retreating

BREAKING: IQ45’s worst nightmare

High fives, handshakes, smiles… no, a blank stare

Individual 1

Is having no fun

The next photo shows his despair

Random thoughts: “Will the day ever end?

Here I sit with all my true friends…

Jarvonka somewhere

No rain on my hair…

A funeral might beat this weekend.

Putin and Saudi crown prince high-five at G20 summit – video

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