Nancy Pelosi vs Misogyny… a poem

Midterm results: GOP majority overthrown

Will Democrats FOCUS on Trump before they eat our own?

“I’m not sure what it is, there’s something about her I despise.” 

That explanation… 🤔 it’s familiar, this question applies:


Why do 5 “centrist” white guys want to oust Nancy Pelosi?

When (not if) Trump/Pence are impeached, dem majority,

Ms Speaker’s next in line to take the presidency

That is why these 5 white men want her out ASAP


She’s the same age as Bernie, don’t try to say she’s too old

Our democracy demands an experienced stronghold  

So to the freshmen in Congress don’t let the GOP 

Manipulate the leader of our House Majority


A strong women threatens the fragile egos of weak men

“I just don’t like her.” 🤔…was said of Hillary, now again

These baseless feelings of dislike, they’re pure misogyny

If she were a man this would not be a controversy

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