Donald… Stop Talking

It’s always good not to be Donald Trump, but some weeks more so than others. It has not been a bad week for democracy.

The most recent story to hit my news app is concerning Michael Cohen, Trump’s worst nightmare and former attorney. He plead guilty to tax fraud, breaking campaign finance laws, and making false statements to a bank, but says he committed these crimes “in co-ordination with, and at the direction of” his client, Donald Trump. That’s old news… 30 hours at least.

The new revelation is Cohen’s claim that he was present when Trump and Don Jr discussed the planned Trump Tower meeting, to obtain dirt on Hillary from Russian officials. Trump has consistently denied any prior knowledge of the meeting. 🤔 Maybe it was an honest mistake.

Donald Trump’s nom de guerre for his former attorney, Michael Cohen, is “the rat”. The following is just some unsolicited advice I offer to Trump.

Dear Donald,

Calling Michael Cohen a rat, after his confessions made you an unindicted coconspirator, is saying he ratted you out, which implies his information is valid, which means you’re guilty, and stupid. You should stop talking. You’re Welcome.

Prior to pet naming Cohen “the rat”, Trump had been repeatedly proclaiming: “Cohen won’t flip.” Here again…

Dear Donald,

The same way calling someone “a rat” implies your guilt, and brands you stupid, saying they “won’t flip” implies they’re protecting you from a crime you’re guilty of, and that you’re stupid. You should stop talking. You’re welcome.

Michael Cohen doesn’t seem phased by Trump’s attacks. Attorney Michael Cohen’s Attorney, who probably also has an attorney, told NPR:

“Mr. Cohen is not interested in being dirtied by a pardon from such a man.”

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Lanny Davis Says Cohen Would Never Accept Trump’s Pardon : NPR

Hmm… That is a noble gesture, but a pardon would not help Michael Cohen.

The Associated Press reported:

Today, in Albany N.Y., “investigators in New York state have issued a subpoena to Michael Cohen as part of their criminal probe into the Trump Foundation.”

State crimes can not be pardoned by the president. Nobody needs your stinking pardon in this investigation, Donald.

In yet another bonehead move, Trump confessed to campaign finance crimes while attempting to deny having committed campaign finance crimes in interview on Fox News.

Donald, you should stop talking. You’re welcome.

Donald Trump Basically Admitted To A Federal Crime

What else could possibly happen?

Trump held another political rally on Tuesday, this time in Charleston, West Virginia. This was just hours after the one two punch convictions of his former campaign chairman and long time attorney.

Still, regardless of the week’s revelations, chants of “Lock her up!” could be heard… yes really.

Also heard at the rally was music familiar to many, Aerosmith’s “Living on the Edge”. Trump has been served with a third request to cease and desist using any music belonging to Aerosmith as per Steven Tyler, who is not a Trump fan.

Why not use Ted Nugent’s music?

News of a 20 year old jogger, Molly Tibbitts, who was murdered in Ohio, by a 24 year old man, made national news because the murderer is Mexican, although he is in the U.S. legally, according to recent news updates.

The victim’s family has made clear they do not want her death politicized.

As with Aerosmith’s music, Donald Trump does what he wants to do.

Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump, and the High Crimes and Misdemeanors are stacked very high indeed.

Trump needs something to distract the press and public with, and if he thinks there’s a chance it will vindicate him in any way, all the better. It is not surprising this narcissistic sociopath, Trump, would disregarded the family’s wishes, using the victim’s murder as validation for his zero tolerance immigration policy. Again, because the murderer is from Mexico, regardless of his legal status, sHitler is using this story to justify kidnapping thousands of children, hundreds of whom have still not been reunited with their parents.

“You heard about today with the illegal alien coming in, very sadly, from Mexico and you saw what happened to that incredible, beautiful young woman. Should’ve never happened. … The laws are so bad, the immigration laws are such a disgrace. We’re getting it changed, but we have to get more Republicans.” ~ soon to be indicted ex-potus Trump

“Please remember, Evil comes in EVERY color.”~ the victim’s aunt

Sometimes the color is orange.

And today is only Wednesday.

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