Trump’s Exhaustive Work for Putin

“Divida et Impera” ~ Julius Caesar

Divide and rule…

This is Putin’s strategy. He separated Britain from Europe with Brexit, his minions have been working toward separating California from the U.S., (so far unsuccessfully), with Cal-exit, and most recently he’s focused his energy on separating the U.S. from Europe and Canada. Thanks to Donald J Trump that goal is within Putin’s grasp.

Putin had gotten a good return on his investment in Trump with unenforced sanctions alone, but Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

Trump’s first order of business at the G7 summit was to argue a case for Russia to be reinstated. The annexation of Crimea was the what led to Russia’s expulsion, in 2014, from this group of leading industrial nations. Trump described it as “something that happened a while ago.” 🙄

After Trump exhausted his arguments for Russia’s reinstatement, he declared his plan to raise existing tariffs, and impose new ones, on our allies.

Disrespectful and self important, Donald Trump arrived at the G7 summit late, and left early, feigning outrage at Canada’s leader Justin P(PleaseAnnexUs) Trudeau, who only stated any tariffs would be reciprocated. Trump has been tweet fighting up a storm in attempts to rile is ever thinning group of supporters with his campaign of disinformation, (lies).

Let’s take a look at the facts according to the US Trade Representative webpage:

US-Canada Trade Facts for 2017

Total goods & services trade: $673.9 billion

US exports: $341.2 billion

US imports: $332.8 billion

US trade SURPLUS: $8.4 billion

Our trade relationship with Canada has been mutually beneficial for decades.

Trump feigns concern for American workers. Consider the effect his taxes have had on American jobs. The number of Solar Energy Jobs in the U.S.— 260,077 is down by nearly 10,000 jobs from a year ago. This is a direct result of Trump’s 30% hike in tariffs on solar panels, and another deed for Putin. It is in Russia’s best interest to undermine Green Energy in order to keep the U.S. dependent on their only export: oil.

Billions in U.S. solar projects shelved after Trump panel tariff | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Where are the checks and balances? How is Trump single handedly allowed to make these changes that affect so many jobs, and our alliances? What can be done with a GOP led congress when so many in congress are financially invested in oil? If they chose to, congress could stop Trump.

Regardless, this past weekend Trump threw his tantrum at the G7 and flew off to Singapore to meet North Korea’s dictator. The theatrical event seems to have been staged by Russia and China.

And yes, Dennis Rodman, who was on one season of celebrity apprentice, is really participating in this circus.

Despite slow but steady incremental decreases in numbers, Trump maintains the bulk of his base of followers. His internet trolls tout the economic uptick as proof Trump is doing a good job.

Did Trade Tariffs Cause the Great Depression?

But, between his tariff wars, his deregulation of financial institutions , rising interest rates, rising gas prices, and the historically high U.S. deficit, the reality is Trump seems determined to trigger a financial collapse. Undermining the U.S. economy would please the boss…

As would isolating the U.S. from the rest of the world.

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