Trump’s Doctor Ronny Withdraws

Ronny Jackson—withdraws his nomination

To head the Veterans Administration

After stories of his bad drunken conduct

Are reported— Like what? Let me reconstruct:


A Secret Service going away party

Attended and enjoyed by Doctor Ronny

The night ended somewhat badly… insofar

As he was drunk and wrecked a government car


Another drunken doctor incident… more?

Ronny could be found at a hotel room door,

Of a female co-worker… pounding away

There is one last Jackson revelation today


Trump’s official medical records do show

He didn’t weigh in at 239… OH!

(Feigned shock) No, but rather 289

The obvious choice for a rhyme here is swine


So, one more bites dust in Trump’s bare cabinet

Do not think this reflects on Trump’s management

Of the best people. The villain… you might guess

The story teller, the American press


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