Cohen, Cambridge Analytica, and Macron… a limerick

Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen Worked out of a law office well known Squire, Patton and Boggs, who, Represent for revenue Cambridge Analytica- it’s shown ~ C.A. is a lobbyist for, no less A company, not based in the U.S. Russia's Gazprom oil- Who funded this toil? In which the Brexit vote too was accessed … Continue reading Cohen, Cambridge Analytica, and Macron… a limerick

Trump’s Doctor Ronny Withdraws

Ronny Jackson—withdraws his nomination To head the Veterans Administration After stories of his bad drunken conduct Are reported— Like what? Let me reconstruct: ~ A Secret Service going away party Attended and enjoyed by Doctor Ronny The night ended somewhat badly... insofar As he was drunk and wrecked a government car ~ Another drunken doctor … Continue reading Trump’s Doctor Ronny Withdraws