Buh Bye Paul Ryan

A child when his father passed away,

He collected (an entitlement) Social Security

And paid for college with that money

If this wasn’t sad, it would be funny,

He proudly made it his life’s goal

To end that program, he has no soul

But, Speaker of the House, Paul D(derelict)Ryan,

Has just announced he’s “retiring,”

He won’t run for re-election

Not because he knows he’s in dereliction

Of his duties to represent

Those who elected him, his constituents

His reason— polls show, he must be aware,

He’d lose re-election, if it was fair

So, Paul will end his shameful reign

With bribe filled pockets just the same

Obstruction? He’s a primary actor.

He pushed through tax cuts for his benefactors

Scoring so much from Koch alone

He could buy a dozen summer homes

Another reason he won’t run

He’s taken (from Russia) a tidy sum

To retire at the age of 48

He must know something of his fate

Like most of the GOP,

he’s part of a traitorous family

They’re aware that Mueller knows

They’ll will be charged and exposed

Ryan’s only hope is to testify against

Trump— Will he? I can’t stand this suspense

If you say so.


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