This Week of Trump’s

If you’ve taken a break from politics this week, I’m here to help you. This was a typical full week in the Trump White House, and you have a lot to catch up on. Several headline stories should have gotten more attention than they did, but Trump moves on to the next crisis before we can digest the last. To name a few—

• Trump’s lawyer John M.Dowd “quit” just days after issuing a statement, on Trump’s behalf, calling for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to “bring an end to alleged Russia Collusion investigation,” by special counsel Robert Mueller.


• Trump imposed tariffs on China, sending the stock market into a mini nose dive.


• China retaliated, and we are now in a trade war.


• Former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal claims she and Trump had unprotected sex at least five times a month through 2006 until April 2007. “He was so sweet.”🤢 She says she loved him, and believes the feeling was mutual.🙄 Yes, Trump was married to future 3rd x-wife Melania at the time, and she had given birth to son Barron in March of 2006. You do the math.


• Yet another national security advisor “resigned” unwillingly this week. Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster will be replaced by John Bolton, a proponent of war who advocates “striking first” with regards to North Korea. The fear of war that followed this announcement is what caused the stock market to plummet even farther.


• Cambridge Analytica is busted. This is particularly bad news for Trump, Bannon, the Mercers, Brad Parscale, Kushner, Erik Prince, Roger Stone, and many GOPers.

Explanatory graph below via


• Guccifer 2.0 is proven to be a Russian Intelligence Officer. Who is Gucifer 2.0? The “lone hacker” into DNC e-mails… “But what about her emails?”


• The Washington Post confuses me. Who exactly, in America (or anywhere else), cares?


• To round out the week, CBS is reporting—John Kelly may be resigning as early as today.

• And the Cheeto stands alone… he may have no choice. CNN is reporting Trump’s newest replacement, Attorney Joseph DiGenova, has reviewed Trump’s case files and is no longer confident he’s the right person to represent him.

• Additionally, the potus has recently requested the services of four other attorneys, all of whom have declined his offer of employment.

This brings back memories of Trump’s inauguration, and the difficulty he had finding a musician who was willing to perform for him.


• When you think nothing could possibly top this week, we learn next week in Trumptopia might just. On Sunday porn star / former Trump lover, Stormy Daniels appears on 60 minutes to tell all. (Eww)

I don’t know about you, but I feel the end of this regime is near.


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9 thoughts on “This Week of Trump’s

  1. It’s a real merry go round and unfortunately we are forced to watch it in the media. Was so much better when he was just a real estate mogul – then no-one gave a crap what he did except himself and his corporate minions

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  2. Thanks for the recap…or, in my case, dishing out the news because, unlike ivankinsman, I am not forced to watch anything in the media. I choose not to.

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