The GOP Christmas Gift Exchange

What do you buy for someone who has everything?


The GOP is truly enjoying this Christmas season like none ever before. (I feel I can not say “holiday” while the Nazi potus is in office, so Christmas it is.) The GOP is so confident their tax bill will pass that they are adding last minute provisions that will benefit them personally, knowing there is nothing that will prevent it from becoming law.

Paul Ryan will not seek re-election, Bob Corker will not seek re-election, Jeff Flake will not seek re-ejection, several others will not seek re-election, because they won’t need to. They will have sufficiently stuffed their pockets with treasury money, accepted enough bribes, and lowered their own taxes with this tax bill which appears to be on the brink of passing, that they will want for nothing.

Regardless of what any of them say, they will become stinking rich by screwing the rest of us in two ways—

  1. Raising our taxes,
  2. And gutting healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The meetings to discuss cutting the funding of these programs are scheduled to begin next month.

That’s a fact Jack.

Meanwhile we pay their salaries, their very nice healthcare plans, and their retirement packages (which pay 80% of their salary), and we have put them in a position that allows them to accept $10’s of millions in bribes from lobbyists and privately owned businesses. These bribes dwarf the more than adequate income and benefits we pay them with our tax dollars. Oh, and we pay hush money to their sexual assault victims too.

They are voting to change our lives as we sit on our hands and stupidly watch it happen.

You may have read about a last minute provision added to this tax plan in which, reportedly, 136 GOP lawmakers as well as Trump stand to benefit bigly.

Thirteen of them were on the conference committee. Bob Corker who had been planning to vote no, and who had heroically voted no on the Senate version, has changed his mind and now plans vote to yes. Jeff Rice also voted no the first time around and pledged he would not

Senator Corker says he didn’t know about the provision, because it was added at the last minute, but he coincidentally changed his vote after the amendment was added without explanation. This provision will be a cash windfall for Corker and for Trump.

Another fact— Corker promised to “vote against any bill that raised the deficit by a single dime.” This bill increases the deficit by $1.5 trillion…which is a lot of single dimes. He now says “it is a positive bill on the whole.”

This is bribery. Thanks to Trump we may not have many laws left, but bribery is still illegal.

Bribery Law- US. 18 U.S.C. § 201 – Bribery of Public Officials and Witnesses. Bribery – Definition— “The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties.”

Another example of a senator who voted no until a personalized provision was added, which will ensure windfall profits for her personally, is Lisa Murkowski of the great state of Alaska. The tax law includes an amendment opening up the Arctic Wilderness for oil drilling. No one in Alaska wants this bill included, the exception being Lisa Murkowski whose dad had fought unsuccessfully for it throughout his life. They simply want the oil money.

The public has been kept in the dark with regards to these details intentionally. We are fed bits of leaked information by disgruntled staffers, and then we get the official lies fed to us by the GOP.

There are no public hearings. They are not following the normal order because they don’t want us to know what they’re doing.

This is the first time in American history that the Treasury Department hasn’t produced comprehensive analysis of tax plan impact. Well, to be fair, Steve Mnuchin has been busy polishing his latest trophy wife.

There is a way these politicians could redeem their reputations. If Bob Corker really didn’t know about the last minute provision that makes him a rich…er man, instead of voting yes, he could vote “Present.” The founding fathers referred to this as “coincidental legislation.” It is a recusal from the vote.

However, if he does this, every Member of congress who benefits should do so as well—both Republicans and Democrats. None will agree to, because if they did, how would they repay their benefactors?

They hope all this will happen before Christmas. Then there will be much rejoicing among the greedy while we, all the Whos down in Whoville, must find a way to be happy without all we’ve worked for throughout our lives.

Who needs healthcare? Who needs medication? Who needs Social Security?

Not The Whos.

Welcome, Welcome

Fah who rah-moose

Welcome, Welcome

Dah who dah-moose

Christmas day is in our grasp

So long as we have hands to clasp


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