How Do I Hate Thee? (POTUS 45) 

A lot from Lydia ~

How do I hate thee? Let me count the days.

I hate thee even knowing quite soon thee might 

Be led out in handcuffs, taken out of sight

For Russian collusion, an invalid presidential race

I hate thee and all thee three a.m.lying twitter communiqués

Thee loser won, but ’tis climate change, the planet lost this fight.

I hate thee freely, as expression is my First Amendment right.

I hate thee covfefe in chief, for “alternate fact” is now a phrase.

I hate thee White SuPresident, Putin’s muse

For twenty one tampered states, for lost electoral faith.

I hate thee for misogyny, racism, trumpery, treason, hypocrisy — choose 

False cries of: “Russian Hoax” I hate thee as Mueller’s breath,

Heats thee orange neck, exposing a traitorous life; and, if God choose,

History shall hate thee better and forever after death.


*I thank thee Elizabeth Barrett Browning, my inspiration — How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)

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