Homage to Potus / God of Weather / Theoi Ouranioi Trump

Many people are saying Donald Trump has the best storms. Obama never had storms like this. No precedent has ever had a storm like this. 

Just as soon as I finish another round of golf and have a burnt steak with ketchup, two scoops of ice cream, and some beautiful chocolate cake, I’ll have Sarah look into it.

Oh…they keep coming. Of course he is making a campaign stop, because that would make the trip worth it. But POTUS 45, you won’t last your first term, so why are you worrying about the next one?

A weather update: Donald, you have the best storms, everyone is saying it. They say—Obama never had storms like this…

***But climate change isn’t real. 

Another tweet on the yugeness of the storm, and taking a phone call while on his weekend trip is now also deemed “going to a cabinet meeting”. 

The latest polls show Trump’s approval rating is now 34%. Who the hell are those people?

Let’s re-cap Trump’s Friday:

  1. Pardoning a sheriff who committed countless unspeakable crimes including torturing prisoners…160 prisoners hung themselves in his prison cells rather than endure the torture. Trump pardoned him because he was targeting Mexicans. 
  2. Fellow Nazi—Gorka…resigned?
  3. Directed the Pentagon to ban transgender people from joining the military.
  4. Off to golf for the weekend.
  5. Paused mid swing to write his name.

I might almost (almost) be willing to take one for the team—stand out of 5th avenue and let Donald Trump shoot me (only Donald Trump)— just to see if he loses any supporters. Will FOX News fund this? I have two kids I’m trying to put through college…make me an offer.

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2 thoughts on “Homage to Potus / God of Weather / Theoi Ouranioi Trump

  1. Yes, he will be going to Texas…..and the wonderful state of Missouri where he won, people! By a lot!! Focus, you idiot, focus. Texas sure as hell doesn’t need you, but focus on them, will you??! What a jackass.

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