Trump, Putin, and the KKK

I recently viewed this short clip on Twitter. There is a link to a much longer version of the interview on YouTube, but you get the idea here:

Imperial Wizard, leader of the KKK, calls himself a Christian and claims he doesn’t hate anyone.  This is universal rhetoric among hate groups.  

In the same interview he takes credit for murdering Jews in WWII and tells the journalist: “We are going to burn you out of here.”

KKK, Nazi, White Supremasists have the approval of Donald Trump and are in fact represented in the White House. 

Steve Bannon may no longer work in the Oval Office but he is back at work with Breitbart where alt-right extremists have a platform with a large audience.

Neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, whose coordinated efforts led to the brutality in Charlottesville, was shut down by Google and GoDaddy the day after the violence that resulted in death took place. Within hours it reemerged on a Russian server:

Pew Research Center’s recent polls: Only 36% of Republicans view  Russian President Vladimir Putin as a national security risk. The number among Democrats is 61%. 

This makes clear that the Russian president’s propaganda efforts have had an affect, and Russia is perpetuating and propagating the White Supremasist movement in the U.S. 

Donald Trump has pledged his allegiance to two flags, and neither of them is American. 

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10 thoughts on “Trump, Putin, and the KKK

  1. It is not hyperbole that I feel physically ill after viewing your post. Who can reason with someone whose every other sentence spoken contradicts itself? What is our hope against such hatred and stupidity? That lovely intelligent woman being told by cretins who can’t even speak grammatically or think logically that they are superior to her? Ridiculous.

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  2. Nothing to do with your post, but I just heard “your song” and the lyrics “you can learn a lot from Lydia.” Made me laugh! Not the idea of learning a lot from you, mind you, I just was tickled. Didn’t expect it.

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    1. It was a song I was tortured with growing up…constantly asked if I had tattoos. I thought about the obscurity of the song and hoped people wouldn’t assume I was professing superior knowledge— in any subject. In the end Groucho won out. It is a fun song. 😊


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