Is Trump Still Obstructing?

*These are my opinions, not facts, but based on facts. 

05/09/2017: Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey, who had been investigating Russia’s interference in the presidential election, as well as the ties Trump’s associates have to Russia. Trump admitted, on national television, he fired Comey because of the investigation. Many say by doing so Trump committed the crime of obstruction of justice. 

08/01/2017: Donald Trump’s appointed replacement for James Comey, Christopher Wray, was confirmed in the roll of FBI director. 

08/12/2017: During a weekend long Nazi rally, in Charlottesville Virginia, a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of anti-Nazi protesters, several people are injured, one woman died.

08/13/2017: Trump (likely golfing) said nothing.

08/14/2017: Trump condemned both protesters and the white supremacist group. The Nazi’s celebrated, feeling empowered, as the rest of the world vehemently objected—all day.

08/14/2017, that same night: Like a nine year old child whose parents force an apology, Trump read, in a monotone mumble, words condemning white supremacist groups. The Nazis became angered, because to use the words of KKK leader David Duke: “they put him in the White House.” The rest of the world was not impressed with Trump’s performance.

08/15/2017: A leak. A former secret service agent’s friends on the inside reported that Donald Trump Organizations and Donald Trump himself were served with subpoenas by Robert Mueller, director of special council investigation into Trump Russia. Trump was enraged. – This was reported by one individual, and has not yet been confirmed.

08/15/2017, the same day: Trump “went rogue” at a press conference, going off script and reaffirming his Nazi leanings, blaming both sides in what has yet to be called a domestic terrorist attack by a Nazi. 

08/15/2017, still the same day:
It was reported that Peter Strzok, a highly experienced veteran investigator, who specializes in counterintelligence for the FBI, whom had been hired by special counsel Robert Mueller to examine Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, was transferred to the FBI’s human services division—removed from the investigation.

Putin it all together:

  1. Trump selects a new FBI director, possibly because he can be manipulated into tamping down the raging fire of Muellers Russia investigation. (opinion)
  2. Mueller investigates Trumps personal finances after Trump says “Mueller had better not investigate my personal finances.” 
  3. Trump is subpoenaed by Mueller. 
  4. Trump flies into an orange rage of fire and fury alienating all non Nazi Americans, and the non Nazi world. 
  5. Trump can’t fire Mueller, so he has his new FBI director hack away at the special council stating with—the guy whose name needs more vowels, Strzok.

My conclusion: Comey had been investigating Trump / Russia, Strzok had become deeply involved in the same investigation, and both were essentially fired for getting too close to the truth. 

I smell obstruction of justice.


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