Day 210 of POTUS 45

Today is Friday. The relief felt at the end of a work week has been surpassed by the propitiating knowledge that we have survived another week in Trump Hell. As of today we have endured 210 days of chaos, with multiple daily events that defy logic. Every Tuesday someone remarks— “and it’s only Tuesday!” 
Donald Trump’s presidency has changed the perception we have of ourselves as Americans, and the way the world sees us. Americans with any awareness of the world feel shame in our decline, and in our growing isolation. 

We mark the passing days with the despondency of prisoners, who tally mark concrete walls, waiting for someone in D.C. to do something. Instead the GOP, who control and repress with their majority, stand back more impotent everyday watching their party disintegrate along with our democracy.

Vladimir Putin, while he has yet to receive payment for his investment in Donald Trump, lifted sanctions so he can proceed with his $600 billion Rosneft oil deal, must be consoled by the demise of democracy he set to motion. 
Steve Bannon also seems to be enjoying the show. In response to the removal of Confederate statues in many public parks, he emailed the Washington Post, prodding more animosity: “Leftist elites do not value history, so why would they learn from history?”

The horrors in Spain, and around Europe are used as an enabling device by Donald Trump and his accomplices who, while denouncing terrorist acts in other countries immediately, have yet to call what happened in Charlottesville by its name— Radical Extremist Domestic Terrorism committed by a Neo-Nazi. 
There is another march scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, in Boston. Thousands of “good people” from “both sides” have, via social media, expressed interest in attending. Boston seems to be preparing for war with barricades and a large police presence.

Trump’s words encouraging hate have had a numbing effect, but while they no longer surprise, they have created a dangerous divide in this country reminiscent of dark days in American history— the the fight for Civil Rights, and the Civil War. Has there been a more divisive president in modern history than Donald Trump? I don’t think so. How many more tally marks until his reign ends?


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