Trumpcare’s Dirty (Bakers) Dozen

Remember the collective sigh of relief we breathed as a nation when the Senate rejected the American Health Care Act, Paul Ryan’s answer to Affordable Care Act? 

The bill had narrowly passed in the House with 217 members voting Yes, and 213 voting No. (Every Democrat, 193 voted no, joined by 20 republicans— 217 Republicans voted yes, 1 didn’t vote.) Celebrations were had by all- Paul Ryan received a pat on the back from Donald Trump, along with a “good job” and “we did it”—mwahahaha

The bill moved onto the Senate where it was… voted down. 

Relief was felt by many who assumed the Senate would rewrite the bill more humanely.

Instead, these thirteen Republican Senators met behind closed doors to “fix” the bill, without input from anyone, without a word as to what exactly they were doing. They didn’t do anything, the bottom line is the same. They would throw us all under the healthcare bus in order to keep their special interest donors happy, and none of them would lose a nights sleep. 

This is KY Senator Mitch McConnel’s dirty dozen: Orin Hatch UT, Lamar Alexander TN, Mike Enzi WY, John Thune SD, *Mike Lee UT, *Ted Cruz TX, Tom Cotton AR, Cory Gardner CO, John Barrasso WY, John Cornyn TX, Robert Portman OH, Pat Toomey PA

Of the 100 US Senators the bill needs a majority to pass. 50 will be sufficient with VP Pence acting as the tie breaker. 

Pence is a so-called Christian who would vote to take away the healthcare of 23 million Americans…because, although it’s not what Jesus would do, it will rid us “of the burden that Obamacare has placed on your businesses and on families in your communities,” yeah he said that.

But, this bill will not pass in its current form. All 46 Democrats, along with 2 independents will vote no, and there are 4 Rogue Republican Senators who have stated they’ll vote no on the bill as it is written today. The remaining 48 Republicans are expected to vote yes. 

The odd thing is of the four Republicans who have said they plan to vote against the bill, *Ted Cruz (R TX), *Mike Lee (R UT), Rand Paul (R KY), and Ron Johnson (R WI), two of them were part of the secret group who wrote the bill behind closed doors without the input of anyone else. Hmm…curious.

While the bill is not expected to pass, don’t get too excited, it won’t go away. The Senate will work to improve on the garbage Mitch McConnell and his twelve accomplices put together. It will be another exercise in moving around the same empty shells. Those four Republicans will eventually be pressured or bribed and will change their votes. 

The Trumpcare bill won’t disappear. There will be no starting from scratch or working to improve or fix the now very popular Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), for a couple of reasons. 

  1. We have a president who is determined to undo everything President Obama accomplished at any cost, out of hatred based on his racism and petty jealousy.
  2. This is not about healthcare to the GOP. This is about money. This is about politicians paying back those who donate to their campaigns, and giving a tax break to the rich. This is a plan that will pull the rug out from under Medicaid, make healthcare, prescription drugs, and all medical services an elitist privilege. The rich will get richer, the U.S. will see a re-distribution of wealth, the GOP will be rewarded with blood money, and they will achieve the ultimate voter suppression— because dead men can’t vote. 

If not now, then in a few months America will be without affordable healthcare. Until we fully commit to removing the GOP from Washington, we are a doomed society.

The following is a list of members of the House of Representatives who voted yes, and are up for reelection in 2018:


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7 thoughts on “Trumpcare’s Dirty (Bakers) Dozen

  1. I am not as confident as you appear to be that the secret Senate bill won’t pass. McConnell seems to be able to get away with everything and anything he wants, including blocking Obama’s rightful nominee for SCOTUS for almost a year. But if the Senate bill does pass, and the House approves the Senate’s draconian version and it goes to Trump and he signs it into law, the only saving grace will be to watch the reactions of all of the Trump voters when they finally realize how he and the GOP have put the screws to almost all of them.

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    1. I tend to be overly optimistic in all things. (I have had a wire support in place for over a year for plant that hasn’t broken ground.) But— even if I’m right and it doesn’t pass this time they’ll tweak it just enough for Cruz and Lee to save face before changing their votes to yes. The GOP has the majority, so for the next couple of years we will be without real healthcare. And I don’t think people realize this will change everyones healthcare. This subpar will become standard even for those with employee provided insurance.

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