Russia’s Investment in America’s Healthcare

America’s healthcare system is, if not the worst, among the worst in the free world. Why is the wealthiest country incapable of taking care of it’s own people? Corruption. Political corruption to be exact. Someone is getting rich at our expense, and perhaps someone in a distant land wants in on the proceeds.

The greed corrupting our healthcare system goes deeper than the obvious, taking away benefits from the poor to give a big tax cut to the wealthy, although there is that. GOP politicians are frantically pushing their plan, which guts Medicare, and leaves most Americans with coverage that covers very few healthcare related costs, because they have a financial interest. 

Pharmaceutical companies, we know, are allowed to charge Americans exponentially more for the same drugs than they charge any other country, because they pay politicians to look the other way. 

The same holds true with our healthcare system. Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the Grand Old Party, are selling us out. Russia’s Alfa Bank, which has ties to Russian Oil, which has ties to Putin, is watching with interest.

In July of 2016 Bloomberg published an article on Mikhail Fridman, a Russian billionaire known for his “aggressive use of connections, courts and cops to achieve commercial aims”, who acquired his wealth through Rosneft, (Russia’s big state run oil company), formed a company called LetterOne, and through that company invested $3 billion in… American Healthcare.

But wait, there’s more— 

Factoids of interest:

  • The aforementioned Mikhail Fridman is the founder of Russia’s Alfa Bank.
  • Spectrum Health is at least partially controlled by the Dick and Betsy DeVos family, who are big GOP donors, and who were big donors to Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump appointed Betsy Devos to the position of Secretary of Education. Her husband is chairman of the board at Spectrum. A children’s hospital in the Spectrum system is named after Betsy’s mother-in-law.
  • Spectrum health has ties to Russia’s Alpha bank.
  • A secret server in Trump Tower  communicated with both Russia’s Alpha bank and Spectrum health. 
  • According to Business Insider— the FBI is reportedly examining why a Russian bank with ties to Putin wanted to reach the Trump Organization during the campaign. 

On a side note, Paul Ryan (the guy who is pushing the GOP bill that takes healthcare away from 24 million Americans), was reported to the FBI this week for fraud and obstruction of justice, and a House Ethics complaint of obstruction of justice was also filed against Devin Nunez by the Democratic Coalition.

This is a tangled web, and our healthcare system is trapped in. 


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