Politicizing Terrorism

Within minutes of the attacks in London, Trump was tweeting.

Trump mockingly quoted the Mayor of London’s response to the tragic events that unfolded Saturday on London Bridge. Trump would rather encourage alarm, because people are easier to manipulate when they’re afraid.

Trump, who has never been accused of political correctness, would use an event such as this to further his unpopular political agenda. 

Ah, so now he admits it is a “Travel Ban.” 

It is beyond Donald Trump’s scope to consider the death toll would have been much higher had the assailants had guns.

And finally a more presidential response.

Here are the facts: 3 assailants were dead within 8 minutes of the first call to police. 12 others have since been arrested.

Conversely, Donald Trump had no interest in the murders carried out by a white supremacist in Portland, U.S.A. Murders that took place on a Friday were not commented on until Monday when Trump tweeted on his official POTUS account: 

Three days later, one tweet, because these murders didn’t gratify his political purposes.

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