From Hope to Hate and Back to Hope…however small

Regardless of my opinions and wishes, and regardless of the wishes of thousands of protestors across the nation, Donald Trump, a bigot with money and power is the 45th president elect of the United States of America. By now it is common knowledge that while Hillary Clinton exceeded Donald Trump in popular votes. The latest count shows her ahead by over one million votes and yet he won the election via an outdated system which clearly no longer works—the electoral college. 

This is the second time I have felt disenfranchised by a system that made sense in the eighteenth century, but today obstructs democracy by overriding majority rule, and will continue to do so until we abolish it. Democracy was originally conceived in Ancient Greece—being of Greek descent, and well on my way to ancient, I understand democracy. Democracy is by definition “the rule of the majority.” 

While it is a comfort to know that the majority of Americans did not cast a vote that minimizes racism, normalizes sexual assault, allows homophobia, promotes misogyny, and condones bullying the handicapped, what about the 48% who voted Trump? I know people who voted for Trump, and they’re not all idiots, which leaves me confused and hurt by their decision. Many of them are people I liked and respected. Was this a direct vote for hate on their part? Was this a vote for white supremacy? Was it a vote for the entitled man who believes he is beyond the rules of a civilized society, and who doesn’t feel a moral obligation to pay taxes? I am going to give them the benefit of doubt and say no, this was a misguided vote for change. 

We all have our causes. Revolution is a great cause…extreme measures are often the only way to get things done. Some part of America must see Donald Trump as the antidote for a political system that has not been listening to the people who pay its salary. I personally see Donald Trump as an extreme version of “the man”— my nemesis. The man to me is corporate America, banks, and yes, the government. The man is the elite out of touch group who have all the power, and who take what they want, the fruits of our labor, decide how much we are worth, and how much of what we earn we can keep. I have been looking for a way to fight back against the man for decades, however Donald Trump is not my Pied Piper.

I have one last seed of hope, and with a sprinkling of miracle grow perhaps it will sprout on December 19, 2016. My last hope is in the conscience of the 538 members of the United States electoral college. On December 19, when they meet to formally cast their votes for the next president, they could “Dump Trump” and vote instead in favor of democracy. In seventeen of states in which Trump won the popular vote: AR, AZ, GA, IA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MO, ND, PA, SD, TN, TX, UT, WV, there are no laws that require members of the electoral college to vote a certain way, and in fact since the founding of the electoral college there have been 157 “Faithless Electors” who voted independently—it is not unprecedented, and we only need 37 electors to see the popular vote through.

The majority of Americans did not give away their future to a hateful man. So to the members of the electoral college, I urge you to hear the thousands of protesters who chant: “We reject the president elect!” Cast your vote for democracy!

This is a link to sign the petition telling the members of the United States electoral college that we want a democratic vote—

November 10, 2016, Daily Prompt: Végétal~<a href=””>Vegetal</a&gt;

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