Recurring Electoral Disparity

I was hoping I’d be surprised and have nothing to say today. Instead it seems I have four years of material ahead of me.

One person, one vote…what a concept. 

As of 12:02 PM ET 11/9/2016:

Hillary Clinton has 59,459,229 votes = 218 electoral votes

Donald Trump has 59,267,341 votes= 276 electoral votes

What does that mean? 

Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton becomes the 5th United States presidential candidate to win the popular vote but lose the election.

There is some comfort in knowing that a majority of my fellow countrymen did not vote for hate, but the electoral college has failed 5 times in history, and two of those times in the past 16 years. Why has it not been fixed? It’s time, don’t you think?

We stand together as a nation of people Donald Trump has insulted. This misguided revolution can not end well, but perhaps aside from sending us spiraling into financial ruin, global warming, setting back LGBT rights, the rights of disabled Americans, the rights of women and minorities, ignoring freedom of religion, and starting the Third World War, Trump’s legacy will be his inadvertent fueling of the abolition of the electoral college.

Abolish the Electoral College @moveon

Tell the members of the United States electoral college that you want the popular vote to be honored—
November 9, 2016, Discover: Numbers, Daily Prompt: Primp <a href=””>Numbers</a&gt; <a href=””>Primp</a&gt;

4 thoughts on “Recurring Electoral Disparity

  1. Oh, how differently we see things. I am so glad to see a chance at a end to a country in which about 73% of the people say they want change. I hope we get it! Hillary said she was a voice for change at the same time she was being touted as Obama’s third term. Granted not many of my kind of voice was heard during all this media blitz who could only major on Trump’s unpleasantries. Hope you don’t consider me divisive for speaking up.

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    1. You have a right to your opinion, and I respect that. I hope my fears go unrealized. I stand by my opinion that Donald Trump is unethical, unqualified, and dangerous. The world is watching, and their opinions do matter for our security. We need alliances not alienation. I understand the idea of revolution, this one is misguided.

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  2. No one will change a system when they are the people voted into power by the system. It’s happening here in Canada too. It never seems broken when you are the one benefiting from it…

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