An Ode to Himself on 4 July

Well, we can't blame Betsy Devos for this one; she was not Secretary of Education when I was in school. I am a product of the inept Chicago public school system of yore. Twas a bit subpar when compared to other city schools in the U.S. Their biggest crime was a longterm failed effort to … Continue reading An Ode to Himself on 4 July

Trump Dependence Day

Remember when July 4th was Independence Day? It was a celebration commemorating the thirteen American colonies, united in freedom and independence from a tyrannical monarch, King George III. We aren't sure what King George thought of all this. Although historians say he didn't keep a diary, there is a general belief that he did, and … Continue reading Trump Dependence Day

Everybody Hates Donald Trump

*Fair warning I excuse you from reading today's post because I am exercising my first amendment right to access my inner Scaramucci. Everybody hates Donald Trump. Relax MAGA hats, I’m not talking to you. I'm never talking to you. I will revise my statement regardless, because one should never make all or nothing statements. Everyone … Continue reading Everybody Hates Donald Trump

Where Did GOP Lawmakers Celebrate American Freedom?

What a lovely photo of US Senator Steve Daines celebrating July 4, 2018, with his wife in DC... but wait... he was, and is, in Moscow. The event is being covered by U.S. and International Press, but he tweeted this photo today. Why is the Senator implying he was in Washington DC celebrating America's Independence … Continue reading Where Did GOP Lawmakers Celebrate American Freedom?


You may have recently become aware, as have I, of chatter widely spread among Trump supporters: a purported second Civil War would commence today, July 4, 2018... instigated by the Libtard Brigade. I have been known to answer to the term when it is directed at me and as such, was hurt to have been … Continue reading #SecondCivilWar

Somebody Explain the Electoral College? … I Will!

I just had my first Twitter melt down. (How Trump of me.) I was responding to a gentleman who was under a misapprehension regarding the electoral college. It's understandable that anyone would be confused about something as nonsensical as the Electoral College, and the fact that it has not been abolished,in these two hundred plus … Continue reading Somebody Explain the Electoral College? … I Will!