It Started When

Loud applause and “A murmur of approbation
gently arose from the audience.”
– an ovation
They watched him with awe
And knew what they saw
Required years of practice and coordination

With care he slowly extracted the sword
from deep in his throat- he so was bored
He took a deep bow
And knew then somehow
He was leaving for a world unexplored

There was nothing to entice him to stay
He had been saving most all of his pay
He walked to the tent
For which he paid rent
And gathered his things without a delay

As he passed the sideshow attractions
Past the freaks- the tortured soul faction
Who bared anomalies
Without formalities
For a place to sleep and a small food ration

It was August 1882,
The sun was hot the was sky blue
Around his his waist
His life savings he’d placed
Heading north with a plan to pursue

He would entertain the middle class
With musicians and comedy acts
He’d call it Vaudeville
Humor filled the bill
Happy crowds would soon come to pass
[Quote taken from page 82 of
“The Castle of Otranto”
by Horace Walpole]

The Daily Post
Jan 14, 2015
Daily Prompt
Connect The Dots
Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.
<a href="http://Connect the Dots“>Connect the Dots

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