Need Help With Your Blog?

Don't ask me. For anyone still following me after the past 24-hour deluge of my old posts, I thank you. A fruit basket is in the mail. This is what started it all. 👇🏼 👆🏼This will be engraved on my tombstone. Several days ago it started harassing me, like catcalls when walking past a construction … Continue reading Need Help With Your Blog?

Scribing Fairy Spells…

Aspiring beyond her extended reach A floating figure on an incandescent beach Intrinsically scribes creating fairy spells A waxing moon accents the sea as it swells ~ Painting white caps, blue skies, spring trees A smeller of all good things she sees She'd be Prancer, in a reindeer fleet With sidewalk portraitist’s chalky shoeless feet … Continue reading Scribing Fairy Spells…

7 or 8 Lists, Containing 7 or 8 Facts You Already Knew

Let me start, proceed, and end by telling you things you already knew. Scroll down if you would like to confirm, I offer this information without mercenary intentions. No click-bait here, not one iota (rhymes with Ray Leota), of advertising exists on this blog, there are no requests for money, and most impressively, there is … Continue reading 7 or 8 Lists, Containing 7 or 8 Facts You Already Knew


I have heard of many kinds of prejudice: race, gender, social status, height, weight, and even hair color, but I've never considered the prejudice that is based on handwriting. It's called the handwriting effect, and it is a bias against people with poor penmanship. The perpetrators assume handwriting is tied to intelligence.  If you were … Continue reading Penmanship

Concealing My Concerns

I concede concealing my concerns would only constipate The creative course I've set upon  with words I conjugate As I contemplate the cavernous void—  my cognitive castration A one word prompt is not enough  for this poems culmination _______________________________ Daily Post, March 29, 2016, One Word Prompt: Conceal~ <a href="">Conceal</a>


Memories... I was young and the world filled with possibilities. I had choices everywhere I turned. What to do with my life, who to share it with, where to live it. Memories however are not true to experiences. They're filtered through a soft lens of sentimentality. Bittersweet times that were far from perfect, but had … Continue reading Sentimentality