Pretentious Musings

Today, I’m driving my clown car east on the expressway to lazy town. Rather than assert original reflections, I’m sharing a YouTube video that has drawn me in. Despite the title and it’s short delve into the history of Buddhism, this is not an attempt at religious conversion. It’s an offering of insight into the … Continue reading Pretentious Musings

Overlooked Trump Court Battle

On January 3, 2020, attorneys for fully gorged, canker-blossomed, squatting lewdster, our pustulant POTUS asked a New York judge to dismiss a rape case filed by advice columnist E jean Carroll alleging that he raped her in a New York department store dressing room twenty years ago. Our lumpish leader's attorneys argued for dismissal, based … Continue reading Overlooked Trump Court Battle

Deutsche Bank Executive Found Dead

Thomas Bowers, identified as the former Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on loans to tRump at a time when no US bank would take the risk on the six-time bankruptcy filing scam artist, died at the age of 55. Bowers was found dead, of an apparent suicide, ten days ago in California. This is … Continue reading Deutsche Bank Executive Found Dead

Gabbard *Spoiler Alert*— a limerick

Gabbard and bad go hand in hand Retires her seat as congresswoman Her reason, she says, To focus, her days On her outcast presidential brand ~ Missing House votes— laments on fox news, She sets the stage, while singing the blues, To disrupt the next Election, suspect A third party run, we’ve seen her clues … Continue reading Gabbard *Spoiler Alert*— a limerick

Nearly Twenty Years Ago…

I was expecting my first child. My obstetrician suggested self hypnosis to control pain during labor and birth. The idea was to delve into your subconscious mind, willing your muscles to relax, thus triggering the release serotonin—happy hormones. All I had to do was take some classes to learn how to breath and gain access … Continue reading Nearly Twenty Years Ago…

It Started When

Loud applause and "A murmur of approbation gently arose from the audience." - an ovation They watched him with awe And knew what they saw Required years of practice and coordination With care he slowly extracted the sword from deep in his throat- he so was bored He took a deep bow And knew then … Continue reading It Started When