Elon Musk, Record Breaking Loser… a limerick

Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter,Three companies in the shitterThere’s one common threadThe money they’ve bledRecord losses made Elon bitter •~• Guinness record breaking is quite a featMusk’s burden has begun to deplete$200 billionLost by the villainHe’s still rich: downfall incomplete "I've LOST more money than you'll EVER HAVE!" ~ Elon Musk He said that in … Continue reading Elon Musk, Record Breaking Loser… a limerick

Where is the Butt?

Today’s post, perhaps the first of two on entirely different subjects, is a poignant tale of misery... misery that could not have been fathomed by our ancestors but one that is now a pox upon the modern world. I normally limit myself to political pontification, complaining about evil oranges, however today I’d like to share … Continue reading Where is the Butt?

Still, I Can’t Uninstall You… a limerick

That seductive scorned app on my phone Screams 'SURFACE!' stage how your spawn have grown Shouting siren's scourge Subduing said urge... Still, I subsist sans a streamed life shown ________________________ <a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/toxic/">Toxic</a>

Chaffetz…Leaving So Soon?

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) this week announced he will not seek re-election when his term is up. It was then divulged he may not even finish this term. These surprising revelations raised a few questions—Was this decision made because Chaffetz doubted he would be re-elected? Was it because he … Continue reading Chaffetz…Leaving So Soon?

Take Affordable out of The Affordable Care Act and…The Republican Bill

After much anticipation, we finally have, in our arthritic hands, the proposed bill House Republicans have tirelessly worked on- their answer to the Affordable Care Act. The American Health Care Act (creative), eliminates affordability as the title suggests. The bill is an answered prayer for rich, healthy twenty year olds everywhere. Of course it can't … Continue reading Take Affordable out of The Affordable Care Act and…The Republican Bill


You think you know a person  Because you see them everyday  Endless minutes, hours, weeks  Toil– in order to be paid  No matter who you see  They are contriving to portray Polished and professional  Like a character in a play I too am not the consummate  Perfect entity I seem Today I was awaken In … Continue reading Secrets