Ron DeSantis, Dead Of Night… a poem

On April 14th
In the dead of night
While most of us slept
Reproductive rights

Governor DeSantis
Slithered from his crypt
A near-total ban
Wouldn’t alter his script

Next day, Liberty
No mention was made
Silence, artfully

Six-weeks gestation
Barely time to note
Skipping menstruation
Young women do vote

He spoke to the young
Now of voting age
Kept them in the dark
Controlling their rage

Restrict the women
And limit their knowledge
Lie by omission
When speaking to college

4 thoughts on “Ron DeSantis, Dead Of Night… a poem

  1. Lydia–this guy is such a travesty and embarrassment to our state! Has he ever even contacted the officials down in flooded/swamped Ft Lauderdale? No. He was in Ohio promoting his book. But–he managed to sneak back to his office in the dead of night and sign this nightmare of a bill.
    And now he’s losing donors and taking flack for throwing out the idea of building a prison next to Disney? Oh yes–sign this joker up to be our next president. Ugh!!! 👿

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  2. Read something this morning about the Comstock Act used to rationalize that Texan ban on the abortion medication. Based on what I read, I think that Cialis, Viagra and the like should also be banned.

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