Trump Indictment Delayed Another Day

What the Hell is going on in New York? [click click click]

This is what I’ve learned. Stormy Daniels has offered additional evidence, texts and emails, from 2018, between herself and Trump’s new attorney. She had met with Joe Tacopina when she was seeking representation. This likely creates a conflict of interests.

Jo Tacopina needs some decaf.

It could limit Tacopina’s ability to defend Trump by not allowing him cross-examining Stormy Daniels if she was called as a witness, or the judge could even disqualify him from the case.

Stormy Daniels

Trump Probe ‘Weaponized’ by Manhattan DA, Lawyer Says in Calling for Review

Today, the judge is considering that evidence. Tacopina is pushing back, accusing District Attorney Bragg and former DA Vance of weaponizing their office. He is asking for an independent review, claiming is Bragg is hiding something.

Manhattan District Attorney
Alvin Bragg

They do not expect this to be a lengthy delay. The Grand Jury is on standby for tomorrow.

Trump wants to be handcuffed for court appearance in Stormy Daniels case, sources say

All the world is a stage and for Donald Trump’s eventual performance in court, he wants props. To play the role of martyr, he has requested tiny handcuffs.

I did not create this.

I’m done checking my phone for news updates… until tomorrow. I’m tired of dumping water and putting fresh ice in my champagne bucket.

I would go on a hunger strike until the indictment, but I’m hungry. Instead, no showers. Until I have cause to pop that cork, there will be no personal hygiene whatsoever. If Trump isn’t indicted soon, I will have lost all credibility and may have to create a nom de plum, change my blog name to: “A lot of Maya Buttreeks”.

8 thoughts on “Trump Indictment Delayed Another Day

  1. I keep waiting, too. Don’t you know Trump wants to be handcuffed and paraded in front of the cameras. This is going to win him the 2024 election? Finally DeSantis is doing one thing right by saying he will not block extradition from FL to NY. I can’t keep up…

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    1. I had to search this and only found Business insider and the Wall Street Journal “Grand Jury Won’t Act in Trump Hush-Money Payment Investigation Thursday” it’s clickbait. Have you seen something else?

      I have read there might be a last minute witness. Nothing has been called off. The grand jury convenes on Mondays and Wednesdays, so who knows if they’ll make an exception to that schedule.

      I remember the middle of the night indictment of Manafort, and don’t understand why they don’t do that to Trump.

      Bragg sent a 2 page letter to Jim Jordan telling him to f*ck off. Jordan then had his attorney call Bragg and the receptionist hung up on him twice. End of that story. Gym is an idiot.

      Trump is not only trying to get his base to rise up and fight for him, now he’s posting photos of himself holding a baseball bat, with a photo of Bragg next to it. It implies a threat. He also called him an “animal.”

      Trump raised $1.5 million in 3 days after he said he’d be arrested on Tuesday. Everything is a grift. Nothing is going to happen on Trump’s timeline.

      It will happen when Bragg decides it happens. Seeing law enforcement preparing for a mob makes me believe it will happen soon.

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      1. It has to due with a letter from/to Michael Cohen about being repaid for the $135,000 hush money payment.
        Jordan is a joke. He thought he was going to come on board with McCarthy and bark out orders to get things done. Doesn’t quite happen that way, does it Gym?

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      2. Okay, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the “source” for the Daily Mail is Trump. Everything I’ve read leads me to believe they have a solid case. There are 23 jurors and they only need a majority, 12. I think Trump is a desperate bully and flailing and trying to get the public to believe there is no case.

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  2. Let us not forget who reported the date and his track record with the truth. I understand that he is using this to raise money…He is certainly getting a whole lot of free PR. Wish the mainstream media would quit with the analysis of nothing.

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