Trump Indictment Delayed Another Day

What the Hell is going on in New York? [click click click] This is what I’ve learned. Stormy Daniels has offered additional evidence, texts and emails, from 2018, between herself and Trump’s new attorney. She had met with Joe Tacopina when she was seeking representation. This likely creates a conflict of interests. Jo Tacopina … Continue reading Trump Indictment Delayed Another Day

With Bated Breath

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you're stupid and make bad decisions.~Marion G. Harmon A grand jury is expected to charge Trump late Monday or Wednesday, according to three people involved in the deliberations. New York is ready. scha·den·freu·de /ˈSHädənˌfroidə/noun: Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune, malicious joy… … Continue reading With Bated Breath

Will Indictment Tuesday be the New Indictment Friday?

It has been many months since I asked not to be disturbed. I believe my words were: “Wake me up when they indict him.” I’m up, I’m up! The NYPD, the FBI, the Secret Service, law enforcement agencies from many local and state offices, NCIS, and the Fashion Police are all preparing for a hostile … Continue reading Will Indictment Tuesday be the New Indictment Friday?

Lordy, There are Tapes

I’m going to make a prediction. Donald Trump’s lifelong crime spree has run its course. Karma’s perfect storm is building. From E. Jean Carroll’s defamation civil lawsuit, the criminal election interference charges looming in Georgia, the civil tax evasion and fraud case in New York that come with a recommendation for criminal charges, and Merrick … Continue reading Lordy, There are Tapes

When Stupid Werks

Listen, I’ve played dumb in my lifetime. My reasons have ranged from the desire: for help with a task, to initiate a conversation with a stranger, or merely for entertainment purposes amid monotony. Playing dumb can be a tool used to understand what lies beneath a facade. If you know the answer to a question … Continue reading When Stupid Werks