Will Indictment Tuesday be the New Indictment Friday?

It has been many months since I asked not to be disturbed. I believe my words were: “Wake me up when they indict him.”

I’m up, I’m up!

The NYPD, the FBI, the Secret Service, law enforcement agencies from many local and state offices, NCIS, and the Fashion Police are all preparing for a hostile crowd to assemble because of the likelihood that someone will finally indict Donald Trump next week… perhaps on Tuesday.

Trump inciting violence and abusing caps yet again.

The dumbest among us, would heed the call as per Trump’s request today, to “PROTEST, TAKE OUR NATION BACK!”

I don’t remember the name of his reality show, but man is he fired, attempting to incite a mob even now. I’m interested to see how many supporters will take on the military.

Law enforcement agencies are prepping for a possible Trump indictment as early as next week

The Manhattan DA is winning the four-way race to indict him. (New York, Georgia, DC & Feds) They have had meetings on the logistics of the arrest. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s happening! Consequences! No one is above the law! Schadenfreude!

Calm down, Lydia. (Speaking in third-person.)

Trump could be slapped (hard) with indictments any day or everyday next week, in New York alone, considering the number of investigations winding down. The “find-out” is coming from multiple sources.

I ❤️ New York

Donald Trump himself says they will arrest him on Tuesday, as New York prosecutors move to indict him over hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Be that as it may, Donald, they also have you on tax fraud. He used a sliding scale to value his real estate, low for tax purposes and high for money laundering.

And let’s not forget the E Jean Carol rape case.

Fulton County, Georgia could indict him this week as well, for election tampering and perjury. “I just need you to find me 1,180 votes.” If they take Trump for that, as they should, Lindsey Graham must go alongside him for his phone call urging officials to cheat. Hold on… it appears Graham cooperated with investigators who are still working on Georgia’s “imminent indictment” of Trump.

Trump is facing multiple legal dilemmas in Washington, DC as well.

Federal Crimes:

The Department of Justice, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s priority has been Donald Trump’s attempted coup. But there is so much more.

“Federal officials say Trump and his family failed to report over 100 foreign gifts to the State Department — with a total value of $300,000 — in violation of federal law.”

Federal investigators examined Trump Media for possible money laundering, sources say

Two gifts received by Trump and his family from foreign nations are missing, specifically a life-size painting of Trump from the president of El Salvador and golf clubs from the Japanese prime minister. He just keeps criming.

Here’s how a Trump indictment would play out: Yes, he’ll be fingerprinted. No, he probably won’t be handcuffed.

How will this go down?

First, you put the champagne in a bucket with ice. Then you prepare a charcuterie board. Cop a squat on your comfy chair and turn on the television. I haven’t decided which outlet will be least annoying.

There are no cuffs tiny enough to hold him, and that is why they will not cuff him. There will be no perp walk, for security reasons, and they want to avoid garnering sympathy for him. (It is my opinion that they should do a pay-per-view perp walk and use the proceeds to balance the budget.) He will be released on bail. Bullshit, I know.

There is also a possibility that Trump’s lawyers have received the indictments already, giving him an opportunity to turn himself in. He’s more likely to flee to Dubai.

Talking heads (not the band) suggest the reason the DOJ will allow states to indict first: doing so would allow federal litigators to access to evidence presented in state trials to support their cases.

In other words, state trials may establish a pattern of financial crimes that “could be introduced in a federal trial to show a motive for retaining classified docs.” ~I don’t remember who I’m quoting; read the links.


Good times! 🥳

Yesterday’s news bellowed two surprising stories:

Kiev-based artist, Dasha Marchenko,
Medium~ 500 bullet casings found in Ukraine

The International Criminal Court (the Hague) had issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin over the alleged war crime of ‘unlawful deportation of Ukrainian children.’

As long as Putin stays in Russia, his risk of arrest is negligible.

But, money…

A Russian oligarch is offering a $1 million bounty for Vladimir Putin’s arrest. Will the warrant and bounty make a difference in Putin’s daily life? Considering how isolated and paranoid he has become… I really don’t know. Do you?

ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin over alleged war crime of ‘unlawful’ deportation of Ukrainian children

A Russian businessman has put a $1 million boon Vladimir Putin’s head, calling for military officers to arrest him as a war criminal

5 thoughts on “Will Indictment Tuesday be the New Indictment Friday?

  1. You know Trump–always bigger and better than anyone else. So there is an arrest warrant out for Putin. Well take that, Putin! They’re going to arrest me, too! Melania probably has a spa day on Tuesday so will not even know he has left the house.
    How in the heck is it even possible for him to be allowed to even consider running for President again?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I want to know if the political system attracts corrupt people or if politics corrupts them.
      The GOP has sold its soul and they would re-elect Trump to save themselves or profit. I hope they’re indicted before it gets that far.

      Liked by 2 people

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