McCarthy, Metal Detectors, and Maga… a love story


It’s a tale as old as time, boy meets MAGA, boy angers MAGA, Trump decides McCarthy has had enough humiliation.

The results shown above, from the third vote for Speaker of the House, are much like the first and second. All votes were held yesterday. The House adjourned to reconvene this afternoon. Someone needs to reach 218 votes.

A maintenance crew removed metal detectors from outside the House chamber yesterday. The former minority leader whose party now has a slim majority, even though he does not have majority support, ordered it.

Why would they do that? There are a few possible answers:

  • Because that, and pizza, might be enough to garner support of the extremists.
  • Because Nancy Pelosi had ordered the added security after 1/6 and the GOP would like to dismantle her legacy in any way possible.
  • Because they want to intimidate their co-corkers, particularly the women of color bullied by MTG, and targeted by insurrectionists.
  • Because they’re going to try to overthrow our democratic government again.

If only the DOJ could have indicted the criminals who pose a threat before the dismantling of security, there wouldn’t be this impending sense of doom.

And allow me to mention Republican George Santos. He has been elected to the House by New York’s 3rd district. It turns out he lied about everything on his resume. It is fabricated. Oh, and he is wanted in Brazil for check fraud. McCarthy will confirm him in exchange for his vote.

He is fake, but the threat posed by those members of Congress, who were involved in organizing the attempted coup, is real. No indictments of the organizers have been issued. I hope Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Special Council Jack Smith are aware of the urgency.

By the way, insurrections are ineligible to serve in Congress via section 3 of the 14th Amendment, yet several will be sworn in as soon as Trump has punished Kevin McCarthy enough. Three lost votes put him in the History books. They will ban the books so who cares.

This will change the outcome of the 4th to take place this afternoon.

Trump has given his endorsement, so my bet is that the next vote will present McCarthy with the 218 votes he needs to achieve his life goal of becoming Speaker of the House.

Okay, I was wrong. 😜

Metal detectors removed from outside the House chamber

2 thoughts on “McCarthy, Metal Detectors, and Maga… a love story

    1. I wish he’d shut up and go away. Somewhere with no access to internet, where his clothes would match his skin, somewhere with Giuliani and Jared. 🤔 I can’t think of a place like that. Do prisoners have access to the internet?

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