Speaker of the House, Take Fourteen

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the 1/6 insurrection. Members of the House gathered outside the Capitol Building to pay tribute to those who fought to defend them and to preserve our democracy. Only one Republican, Brian Fitzpatrick, bothered to attend. Kevin was busy bartering.

Also today, members of the House held their 13th vote to elect House Speaker. This is day four of Kevin McCarthy’s well-deserved humiliation. Twenty Republicans have said they will never vote for him. He needs over half of the member’s votes, 218 to win.

The democrat’s unified choice of Hakeem Jeffries has given him a consistent 212, while support for McCarthy dwindled from 204 to 200, where it remained for several votes. Those members of the GOP withholding loyalty have tossed names around with much hilarity. Twenty members of the “Freedom Caucus,” mix up their choices for entertainment value: Jim Jordan has regularly gotten 7 votes, some other Kevin got some votes, and even Trump’s name was added. Haha, aren’t they clever? They aren’t getting paid until they’re sworn in, so maybe not so clever.

The chaos on the Republican side of the aisle has rendered me indifferent, until I realized that during back room negotiations, Kevin McCarthy is making promises to these ridiculous people who have been gerrymandered into office. The “Freedom Caucus,” a far-right, extremist GOP group, will be the ringmasters in this circus… because Kevin believes he deserves the Speaker position.

These are the House members of the “Freedom Caucus.” Those highlighted in yellow are newly elected.

Twelve of them denied the results of the 2020 election.

  • Biggs
  • Bishop
  • Boebert
  • Gaetz
  • Good
  • Gosar
  • Miller
  • Perry
  • Crane
  • Ogles
  • Lina
  • Self

Here is the list of those “Election Deniers” who requested “pardons” from Trump.

  • Jim Jordan
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Mo Brooks
  • Louie Gohmert
  • Biggs
  • Scott Perry
  • Paul Gosart
  • Lauren Boebert
  • Andy Biggs
  • Matt Gaetz

This morning after a long meeting with the 20 holdouts, McCarthy made concessions including passing out committee leadership roles, agreeing that one member at any point could vote to remove the House Speaker and…

Those promises garnered him the support of 14 more, bringing him to 214.

McCarthy now says he has 218 promised votes. I don’t know which of the last to vote against him were persuaded. These were the holdouts for vote-13:

  • Gaetz
  • Biggs
  • Crane
  • Good
  • Boebert
  • Rosendale

The 14th vote will be at 10 pm eastern time. My question is: What did Kevin give away?

UPDATE: 14th vote did not result in a win for either side. Gaetz and Boebert voted present, and 4 voted for others. McCarthy is attempting intimidation, arguing with Gaetz. Mike Rogers of Alabama lunges at Matt Gaetz on the House floor having to be held back.

The current argument is whether to adjourn until Monday.

15th time’s a charm. 🙄


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