When Stupid Werks

Listen, I’ve played dumb in my lifetime. My reasons have ranged from the desire: for help with a task, to initiate a conversation with a stranger, or merely for entertainment purposes amid monotony. Playing dumb can be a tool used to understand what lies beneath a facade. If you know the answer to a question but ask for an explanation, while batting doe eyes, you’d be surprised by the variety of bullshit that comes out of people’s mouths. It can be fun if you’re bored.

On an airplane several years ago, when I was still in my twenties, a pudgy middle-aged man told me he was traveling to the Olympics. I should have simply asked him why, but instead, I asked him what event he was competing in. I had been joking, for my amusement, playing dumb as a means of entertainment at someone else’s expense. Maybe I was being a bitch. The correct response from him would have been a laugh and or a clarification. But no.

My “assumption” momentarily stunned the man, who did not understand my game. I watched the hamster wheel spin in his head, then the light bulb bubble lit and—voilà! He was an Olympic athlete for the rest of the flight. It was entertaining for about five minutes. Then I had to pretend I had fallen asleep and remain dormant until we landed. His behavior, thinking so much of himself and so little of me, took away any guilt I might have felt directing the conversation into the land where nothing is true.

Speaking of the land of lies and lost integrity, it has become clear that the Trump kkklan plans to use their stupid as a legal strategy.
Ivanka, who very well may not be playing dumb, is going there.

Trump knows about taxes- but does anyone really know about taxes?


Selective stupidity is the best kind.

While it’s true, she lacks self-awareness, has no shame interjecting herself into meetings with world leaders that she was not invited to attend, interrupting conversations to reaffirm what the last person said, (by saying yeah and robustly nodding her head,) thinking she’d fool the world into thinking her IQ is well endowed, is that really a get-out-of-jail-free card?


In a photo-op wearing a lab coat, rubber gloves, and sporting pouty lips, she mixed non-existent fluids in test tubes to appear super thinky. It didn’t work. She thinks it did. But criminally speaking, she isn’t so dumb as she acts.

Playing dumb worked for her brother, once. Robert Mueller famously refrained from indicting Junior because he was exceptionally dumb.

“To prove that a defendant acted ‘knowledgeably and willfully,’ the government would have to show that the defendant had general knowledge his conduct was unlawful, ” ~Mueller Report


WARNING language unsuitable for sensitive readers imminent:

Give me a fucking break. He didn’t know, so no indictment? That forgiveness is tantamount to ‘a mulligan’ and it sets a precedent for every crime.

Can we all have a mulligan? I want a mulligan! I’d use mine to rob a bank. If I am found out it’s okay, the first time is free. If I don’t get caught, yay me, I’m rich.

A mulligan, is a do-over, a free shot, a second try. It’s a golf term that went mainstream when Tony Perkins, the president of the conservative Family Research Council, said the evangelical community has given Trump a “mulligan” with his personal behavior.

[break time as head explodes]

Ivanka has committed the same tax-dodging crimes of which Alan Weisselberg has been indicted. The story below lays it all out. The criminal enterprise was a family affair, and odds are Ivanka will be served soon, and I’m not talking about Trump Champagne popsicles.


But don’t get too excited. Alan Weisselberg was only held for four hours. He’s been seen meeting with Trump since his release. What are they plotting? Like 70% of the rioters arrested for violence on January 6, Weisselberg was released on bond, pending trial. His passport was confiscated. People with that level of criminal connection can crap a new passport, so that preventative measure is a big whatever. If Princess I is indicted, she’ll be released in no time.


Incidentally, TFG’s whole ‘I’m suing the internet’ announcement this week is a tactical diversion. Why do I say that? The first amendment is on the side of Facebook and Twitter. These are privately held companies and it’s theirs to determine what a user can project and amplify. They don’t have to let TFG incite violence on their platforms as he is wont to do. But let’s focus on that, along with the media, and forget Trump and his family have been Al Caponed; because— look, over there! It’s another headline feeding us propaganda.

The grand jury is just getting started. They’ve settled in for six months. There is much more to come—and I mean more disappointment, particularly if the defense of playing stupid works.

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  1. Theresa May and Angela Merkel..**resisting the urge to 1) walk off the stage or 2) throw their mics at Daddy’s Little Princess.** Decisions, decisions…

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