Mike Lindell Gets Specific

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’m a little frustrated that people roll their eyes when they hear TFG supporters say, “he’ll be reinstated in August.”

Trump and his buddies warned us that something big was going to happen on 1/6, but they couldn’t say what.

During Trump’s “stop the steal” rally on January 6, we all heard the orders given, for people to go to the Capitol and fight for their country. The individuals who should have been paying attention had to have been part of the scheme.

Not only had Trump fired the top official at the Department of Defense in early November, but he also replaced him with a man who was willing to do nothing in the face of a coup, Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller.

The only person who could have activated the National Guard, Donald Trump, denied at least 17 requests for help. He ignored those pleas for hours.

Hitler’s first coup attempt was unsuccessful. The second, ten years later, was not. I have been the old woman shouting at a cloud for months: When Trump supporters say “he’ll be reinstated in August” we must take that as a warning. They’re going to try to overthrow the government again, in August.

We now have a specific date in August, thanks to pillow peddler Mike Lindell. The second coup attempt would appear to be in the works for August 13th.


Did we learn anything from January 6? Why do people laugh when someone says “he’ll be reinstated in August”? TFG and some members of Congress are national security risks and they’re still in the building.

He’s not wrong. This was posted on January 13, 2021.

When will we see arrests at the top?



A former sergeant from Rocky Mount, Virginia, Thomas Robertson, was charged for his part in the attack on the Capitol Building on January 6. Like so many others, he was released on bail pending trial with the stipulation that he was prohibited from possessing firearms or weapons of any kind. Within a week, Robertson had purchased five guns, was found with a loaded M4 rifle” and a “partially assembled pipe bomb. His bail has been revoked. What was he planning?


Of the thousands who made up the mob that tried to overthrow the government, 545 have been arrested. 44% have been charged with misdemeanor offenses. Of all those arrested, 75% have been released pending trial, which includes multiple members of the two groups facing the most serious conspiracy charges, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. The most current information I can find is from June 23, and at that point, only 13 people had pleaded guilty to federal crimes.

Now that Mike Lindel has given us the date of August 13, can we stop letting insurrectionists out pending trial, at least until after August?


The following New York Times article includes a well-made chronological video of the events that took place on January 6. The footage is from everywhere- police body cams, security footage, idiots live-streaming on social media, etc. It is worth the time it takes to watch it.

6 thoughts on “Mike Lindell Gets Specific

    1. So many of Trump’s appointees are still where he put them. It worries me. Also, Trump has divided the country, that’s an understatement, and I don’t know how we come back from that.

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      1. What is it with the GOP? Can they not think for themselves? Are they all scared? Did the worst of the worst just happen to all come together at the same time? This is so nuts.

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